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Multiple ovarian cysts and enlarged ovaries are the key characteristics of PCOS. Another is weight gain. You need to work hard to keep the extra pounds at bay. Even a modest drop in your BMI will improve your fertility and general health, chiefly by reducing insulin and androgen levels. Aim low – losing half a pound each week is perfectly achievable. Okay, we know you’ve heard it all before, but a healthy diet is paramount. PCOS sufferers get heavier quicker. So a tip-top nutrition regime is vital. That’s true for an IVF diet too. Don’t dilly-dally by the salad counter: see a dietician. Reduce your carbs and eat low-GI (or GL) foods. Ditch the fruit juice and cake. Eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and fibre. Choose lean meat. Lower your fat intake and wave goodbye to those sugary drinks. Your dietician should draw up a weekly eating plan. Our best advice? Stick to it like glue. Exercise is essential for reducing blood-sugar levels and insulin resistance. Your low-GI, low-carbohydrate food regime won’t do that on its own. Walk swiftly, 30 minutes a day, every day, without fail. That, and the new diet, will reduce your weight steadily and effectively. You could start ovulating quicker than you think. PCOS patients can get acne: not nice. To fight it, buy benzoyl peroxide at your pharmacy. If that doesn’t work, ask your doctor for antibiotics. As for the big stuff, consider taking Metformin, which lowers insulin levels and testosterone.