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Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. It really breaks my heart to know about those going through infertility. I know many people who are going through the same issue. Trust me nothing could be harder than facing this problem in your life. It can affect your everyday working and routine in a bad way, which not appropriate for your work as well as family. But many people got this issue of infertility out of their lives, which is a good sign for those who have lost all the hopes. There are options like surrogacy and IVF or IUI. Rather than just worrying and becoming a pessimist You can opt for any of these. These processes are highly recommended and safe. There are many clinics who are offering these techniques with other treatments as well. If you have no idea about which clinic to choose you can look them up on the internet or you can simply go to a clinic in Europe. They are really great and doing this job with a high success rate. So, best of luck.