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Hey Alina,hope you are doing well.I am so sorry to hear about it.Infertility is a curse and is not an easy pill to swallow.I say this because I too am infertile.It takes toll on ones mind and body.But girl do not be disheartened by it,as there are treatments for it.I am glad you decided to move forward and look for them.As for the experience you shared about the clinic,I am shocked to hear about it.Considering the institution and how it is being run is utterly ridiculous.How they are treating the patients is inhumane and insult to patients.They should provide better facilities as they are not giving it for free.Patients are paying them for these facilities.Considering the sensitivity of the disease i am shocked at how unhygienic they are.They are creating more problems rather then solving them.I hope you change your clinic soon and look for a better one.Wish you best of luck