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Nelly Kom

Hey, Angelina. I hope you’re in good health as well. I deeply empathize with you, dear. It’s upsetting to read about your infertility. Heart disease is a very risky problem, I just hope that you get rid of it soon. Well, surrogacy is a great option to opt for. It is an easy procedure to have a baby which is biologically related to you. I’ve heard about this clinic you mentioned. My cousin also had a similar situation with this clinic. She emailed them many times to get information about their programs. They haven’t put up their price list on the website. So, she contacted them to know the cost of a surrogacy procedure but they never cared to reply. Anyways, I’d like to suggest that do your own research first, then contact a clinic for details. In a fast world of today, you have to be very careful in such sensitive matters. I hope you got the point. The Internet is the boss and knows everything so surf it! Best wishes.