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Hi angelica.Hope you are doing well.I am sorry to hear about it.Having heart disease is enough.But having infertility as well must have been very hard.I understand your situation.Though only a portion of it i can understand.I too am infertile.I have been also married for 6 years.TTC for 6 years but to no avail.Only option left for me now is surrogacy.My DH has been very supportive about it.We started searching for clinics.L***S was one of those clinics that we shortlisted.We contacted them.But to our shock.They responded us in totally unprofessional manner.A single email saying that visit us in Ukraine.Even though we clearly mentioned we are form York,Uk.We cannot visit them now.So share some information and guide us.But they clearly refused and stopped replying to us.This broke my heart and i would never recommend them to anybody.