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Iris Watson

I am glad that you took this initiative. This is a really serious issue and it needs a strict action. I had a similar experience and I also have seen many people got ditched by this clinic. I won’t call it a clinic, it is just a trash for me. I contacted this clinic few months back for my surrogacy. I wanted to know the details about the policies and procedure at their clinic before flying to europe. Because i had to travel from russia to europe. So information was needed to take such a big step. I emailed them and got a reply within a day. But they refused to provide any information. I kept on emailing and requested them but they didn’t reply at all. I tried for 2 months but couldn’t break the ice. They were so rude and cold with me. This was such a unhuman. I was not expecting such ruthless and insensitive attitude at all. I got so disappointed and depressed because of them. This was such a worst experience of my life.