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Hey Sara! I am so sorry to know about your sister’s experience. No one should have such a horrible experience for their first try because it demotivates them. An infertile couple is already left with very little hope once the news of their infertility has been broken to them. I am also infertile. I know how she must be feeling after being a victim of such a clinic. I am opting for surrogacy as well. It took me a few days at first to accept that I can’t conceive a baby naturally. On top of that, I was diagnosed with cancerous polyps on my uterus. After my hysterectomy, several treatments of infertility like IVF and IUI were also opted out for me. My cousin then suggested me to go for surrogacy. She also recommended to me a clinic in Europe while I could see her baby son in front of my eyes who she got through surrogacy. Now I am really motivated to get my baby as well. I can’t wait to share my success story with you all!