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Shelby Ashton

I know how you are feeling. I can totally relate to this. Such scammers have been breaking so many heart for so long. I also came across a scam a month back. I was looking for some reliable clinics in ukraine on internet and i found this clinic L***s. i took their phone number and called them. But my call was not answered. So i thought to email them. I wrote my details and told my purpose to contact the clinic. And asked them to provide me enough information so i could visit the clinic. But they didn’t reply. I continued emailing and calling them for two months but nothing bothered them. They ignored me. And i ended up regretting my decision to contact this clinic. this clinic has broken my hopes and shattered my heart. I am so depressed. I don’t know what to do next. All i see darkness around. Such experience has made difficult for me to contact any clinic now. I can;t trust anyone now.