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Lily Stan

Infertility can be very hard to deal with. Knowing that you cannot have children is truly scary. Being a woman who has been through this, i can relate.I had been diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, due to which i could not get pregnant. I was so devastated, but then my doctor told me about surrogacy. I had been struggling through infertility. So surrogacy was the best option for me, or at least that is what i think. The clinic i contacted was very good, and they knew what they were doing. they helped me out through everything. From finding a reliable surrogate to the delivery. Our surrogate mother was so helpful, and sweet. She did not get bother with me trying to know everything and even feel my baby, she was just the best. Surrogacy is indeed a really good option for infertile couples. It is not harmful, and has more success rates.