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I live in a country where surrogacy is prohibited. I was TTC from last 10 years. But there was no sign of conceiving. I went to different doctors for my checkups. After extensive testing doctors were also unable to trace the issue with my infertility. I was stressed and was sad. I talked to my husband about this. He said not to worry that everything will be fine. We keep on TTC for some more time and still there was no hope in it. So we gave upon the idea of TTC. I was sad and depressed. Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy. Her friend has a boy from surrogacy. She told me to think about surrogacy. I talked to my husband for surrogacy and soon he agreed to go for surrogacy. Than we start looking for some clinics and found many good clinics in Ukraine. But when we contacted the clinic they didn’t responded and we lost our hope of having a baby. The clinic name is lotus surrogacy clinic. We decided to move to Ukraine for surrogacy from some other clinic.