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There is no single reason why birthmothers choose to put their baby up for adoption. That’s because every birthmother is unique and each adoption has it’s own set of circumstances. Consider these common reasons before making a decision. It’s safe, confidential, and free. Financial Abilities. Can you afford to provide for yourself and a baby? Lack of Support System — Are there people in your life who can help you raise a child? Two-Parent Household — If the birthfather is not involved, would you prefer a two-parent family? Career & Education Goals — Are you still in school? Will your career or job allow the time and flexibility needed to parent? Age & Inexperience — Parenting is a lifelong commitment. Are you emotionally and physically ready to parent? You are in control of your adoption plan, including the type of post-placement relationship you want to have with your child and the adoptive family. This means that even if you choose unrelated adoptive parents, you can remain an important part of your child’s life. Most importantly, remember that when you make an adoption plan for your baby, you will be forever connected to him or her and the adoptive family. If you choose to have a relationship with them, they will become your family, too. If you are considering family adoption for your baby, you may speak with an adoption specialist to discuss your situation and ensure it is truly the right choice for you and your baby.