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There are a few surrogates that have completed the process a second and sometimes a third time. If somebody has a good experience and they enjoy the process, it’s not uncommon that they will do it again – sometimes it will be for another family, or it could be a sibling project for the same family. If the intended parent had one child and they would like to have another baby, it’s not uncommon that a surrogate will be willing to do this again for them, to have a sibling. If the first family feels that they are complete, if a surrogate wants to do it again, they will just do it for another family. The agency also has surrogates that do it one time – they do something they’ve always wanted to do – helping someone have a child. As long as the OB clears the surrogate, they are medically OK to have another pregnancy. Many surrogates keep in touch with the family. Although it depends on the location – it might be different states or even countries. Between the Skype and email and internet, the intended parents are definitely in communication throughout the process, they are involved as much as the surrogate will allow them to be, they want to go through this as a team. The intended parents want to share the experience as much as possible – things like the baby’s first kick, seeing the ultrasounds, being included as much as possible. They will want to be there for the birth. The vast majority of surrogates and intended parents stay in touch, and a lot of people become very good friends, and still stay in touch.