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If you cannot nurse, then pump milk in replacement of the nursing. If you are introducing formula because your baby doesn’t seem to be getting enough breast milk, realize, of course, that she may consume more with a bottle than with the breast. This may mean that you won’t need to breastfeed her in the traditional two-and-a-half hours after the bottle. But at the next feeding, try to offer the breast first. Eventually, by alternating, you will be able to devise a schedule that ensures she is taking in enough nutrients from both. If you breastfeed and formula feed, you will want to decide which one you prefer to feed your child with right before bed, as it will likely become a part of her daily habits. If you don’t want to always be the one putting the baby to bed at night, than opt for the bottle as the last feeding during the day. The good news is that she will take in more, which may cause her to sleep a bit longer at night as well. Just be sure to burp her well, as typically both bottle-feeding and formula can cause more gas. However, you can adjust the amount of breast milk combined in until you find what he will like. If you wait to offer formula until after the second or third month, your baby will likely be resistant to it at first because it tastes so different from your milk. You can either mix the two or work with your baby until he is happily switching between the two concoctions.