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I totally understand where you are coming from! My husband and I are now blessed with 2 boys. But it took a long time to get our second! We were able to get pregnant with our first son right away. We weren’t even trying!!! When we went to try for a second, it took 7 years before we were successful! It was very difficult because as you said you feel like people think you aren’t appreciative for what you have, however, there is a longing. A hole in your heart that isn’t filled because you want more kids. It is so hard. I think that secondary infertility isn’t taken as seriously as infertility because we have been blessed with a child. I’m not taking any infertility lightly, but sometimes I think it may be harder with secondary because you do have a child already. So you can’t understand why it is so difficult to become pregnant again. At least that is how I felt. As far as handling it, it is tough. My sister in law had 3 children while we were trying for our second!! When you are trying to conceive you notice every baby commercial, every stroller, every pregnant women!!! Just take deep breaths. I became angry, and hated the other pregnant women. It was very hard to be around my sister in law when she was pregnant. I began to judge myself as a person and mom. Thinking that God thought I wasn’t good enough or deserving of another child. It is so hard! I want to give you a heads up with clomid!! It’s tough. You think you are on an emotional roller coaster now, just wait. I want you to be aware of it, I felt like I was going crazy!