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As your baby gets older, you will learn what works for it. Maybe it loves being outdoors, in which case a walk in the morning might be just enough to keep it happy for a couple of hours. Perhaps it loves the company of other babies. Getting out to baby groups is the best way of relieving the tension of being stuck at home with a moany baby. And please don’t worry that your baby will be the only one crying its head off at the group: babies cry. Everyone understands that. It doesn’t reflect badly on you as a mother. Ultimately, we have to learn to trust our babies and accept that their crying and fussiness indicates that they need something – and love and attention is just as valid a need as hunger. You may even begin to suspect that all babies share these needs, but the “difficult” ones are just a lot more determined to make themselves heard. My final consolation is that just because your baby is difficult now does not mean that it will be a tantrumming toddler or a troublesome teenager. In fact it may be the extra love and care that you give it now, as a baby, that helps it to grow up into a confident and happy child. You have been chosen to parent one of the bright shining star babies. Accept it and make the most of it. Join an attachment parenting forum where you will find loads of parents of high needs children. Do what you have to do each day and don’t worry about anything anyone else says. Anything that makes you and your baby happy is the right thing to do.