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There is no magic number between children. It all depends with your decision. Like how long are you willing to wait. As I can see the decision varies from one person to another. Like I can say when dealing with a profession. Many women tend to give small gaps between their babies. This I because they want to get down with bearing. Then when they are back to work they want to fulfil it. So you can find that they give up to 2 years gap. Then when they are done. They concentrate on their businesses and professions. But if you are not a busy woman. You can give larger gaps. Like between 2 to 5 years gap. It all depends with what you are comfortable with. In my family I a the first born. The second born is now a teenager. We gave each other a gap of 11 years. So it all depends with what you prefer. I can say that the decision wholly depends on you and your husband. But try to chose the one that is going to favor you.