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I don’t have a baby right now. I have been through infertility. And I still am battling with it. However I think I can participate. Since I belong to a family. I can help by using how my parents chose names for me and my brother. I can say my dad is the one who is good at choosing names. I even thought when I finally get my children. I will tell him to chip in, haha. So I am Calilah and my younger brother is Cameroun. He probably took these names online. In which I am so in love with,. I do not regret anything with them. Perhaps you can search online. There are many websites that can help you with that task. Most if them tell you the origin and the meaning. As I can see that you followed up to know of the same. But more likely I like name countries. Like my brothers name or Egypt. They just sound cool for me. Or you can give direction names like North also known as Nory or South. At the end of the day there is a wide range you can pick from.