Whether you’ve heard about egg donation online or through a friend who positively experienced the IVF or IUI success, you may have wondered if becoming an egg donor is the right move for you. While you may have some reservations about donating your eggs, consider the many benefits of engaging in the egg donation procedure. In fact, by making this decision, you can benefit both the recipient and yourself.

Sense of Fulfillment

Imagine the stress of constantly using an ovulation calculator to track ovulation and fertility, only to not conceive month after month. Simply knowing that you alleviated this stress for another person can provide you with a great sense of fulfillment. If the recipient of an IUI treatment is under 35 years of age, pregnancy has a 10 to 20 percent chance. Therefore, you have a real chance of helping someone in a big way during your fertile days.

Providing Life

Have you ever thought about the fact that your body has the ability to give life to another human being? By donating your eggs you are putting that potential to work. Many couples desire having children of their own, and you are helping them fulfill this important goal. Your egg donation helps to create a family and make a couple’s dreams come true.

Financial Compensation

Helping another family and generating your own internal sense of joy are both important. This journey, however, allows you to receive financial compensation as well. The amount of money that you will get for your egg donation varies depending upon different factors. It is possible, in some circumstances, that you could receive $5,000 for your first donation and more for subsequent donations.

Study and Travel Benefits

While each situation is different, you may be entitled to study and travel benefits as a result of your egg donation. The ability to start or complete your college education, or to explore different parts of the world can significantly influence your life in a positive way. The decision to donate eggs, therefore, can create major changes in your life and in the life of the family who now has a child.

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