The fact that you have to do IVF is stressful enough, without the added pressure of missing your meds, keeping them organized, and the cost. We hope that these tips will help add a little bit of order to the madness and relieve a little stress.

  • Tip #1: Get a calendar. Keeping your type of medication, dosage, date and time on a calendar will help keep you from going mad. Your office should provide you with one, but don’t be afraid to ask if not. Make sure it is as detailed as you need it to be, such as medication needed to be taken every day with the dose and time they needed to be taken. You are investing a lot into IVF, so don’t be afraid to ask them to add more details.
  • Tip #2: Cross it off when you take it. Each time you take your medication, cross it off your calendar right away. This will help you definitively know if you did or did not take your medication. No more guessing, YAY!
  • Tip #3: Create a space for your IVF meds. We suggest keeping everything in one area and organized for easy access. Such as, needles in one cup, syringes in another, alcohol pads in a Tupperware, meds in a separate Tupperware and a special place in the fridge for those meds that need to be refrigerated.
  • Tip #4: Keep an inventory. Stay on top of your medication by checking how much you have left every few days. This will help prevent the “oh no! I’m out and can’t get more for a few days.” Let your nurses know when you are low and don’t hesitate to ask if they have extras to spot you for a few days until yours arrive. Most clinics will keep an inventory of items for these occasions.
  • Tip #5: Small Band-Aids. It seems like such a small item to worry about, however, the smaller band-aids are less invasive and less painful to remove. Most days you won’t need a bandage, but save your clothes and just put one on anyway.

We hope that these tips help you on your IVF journey and make life a little simpler.