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um, to be honest, my financial status does not even allow me to go through surrogacy in the states. Especially now with the situation with taxes Its honestly just better to get it done from abroad. Catering for other expenses such as travelling, hotelling, dining etc through the somewhat research I have done you can still save around 20-30k. The truth of the matter is, one should be financially smart while making these decisions and should keep in mind the simplicity and complexity of the process.The main reason I’m so bent towards surrogacy from abroad is mostly due to the fact that surrogacy can be done through any fertile women as long as she is perfectly healthy and has had no previous issues like kidney disorders and what not.So why spend thousands of dollars more and if you look closely at the numbers you’ll see that the major difference in money is mostly due to the surrogate mother fee.This, in other words, means that the medical facilities provided to the SM are somewhat the same. The legal cost is more than 10 times higher. All in all the medical facilities are somewhat the same because of the nature of the procedure. I have come across a clinic which seems to cater for most of these concerns and currently in contact with them. If you guys have any question or need the link to the place where I am getting my numbers from contacting me and I would love to talk to you.Take care, you guys.