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First of all good luck for your on going plans regarding surrogacy.
Dear i also had a number of complications and problems while getting pregnant.
I conceived for three times but resulted in miscarriage every time.
Now i’m marries for the second time and my husband wants a baby from me.
I told him every aspect regarding my pregnancy issues.
I persuaded him to go for surrogacy option as well.
I guess you also should go for surrogacy method as it is most common now adays.
You should definitely have a baby via surrogacy also you are a tv model so surrogacy will be best for you.
I researched about surrogacy and found it quite helpful for those mothers who can’t have a baby from their own womb.
So if you want a baby and want to keep it a secret as well then this surrogacy method is good option for you.
I’m just sharing my thoughts with you regarding surrogacy.