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    Hello, this is my first post explaining my case. I have been reading through your posts. i am now sure that this is the place to be. Well, mine is a case of infertility. I cannot be pregnant as my womb has some defects. However, my ovaries are healthy(so happy about this). After information search from the internet, i realized that i can still have a child. My husband has been very supportive even if he knows i am barren. We decided to go for surrogacy. He has no fertility problem. In fact, he has two children from his previous marriage. So in this case, the surrogate mother will just be a gestational surrogacy. She will be implanted with an already fertilized embryo.I am glad to say that we have already been matched with an amazing surrogate mother. IVF is scheduled to start on early February. I hope that the process will work out. I am happy that we may finally have a child. I will be more than happy to hear from someone with a similar experience. Feel free to contribute, may be advice, or encourage. Thank you.

    Angel Dale

    I’m so excited for you and your family! This journey can be crazy and comes with a lot of emotions, but it’s all worth it when you add your new child to your family! Keep us updated, I’m looking forward to hearing about it!


    First of all good luck for your on going plans regarding surrogacy.
    Dear i also had a number of complications and problems while getting pregnant.
    I conceived for three times but resulted in miscarriage every time.
    Now i’m marries for the second time and my husband wants a baby from me.
    I told him every aspect regarding my pregnancy issues.
    I persuaded him to go for surrogacy option as well.
    I guess you also should go for surrogacy method as it is most common now adays.
    You should definitely have a baby via surrogacy also you are a tv model so surrogacy will be best for you.
    I researched about surrogacy and found it quite helpful for those mothers who can’t have a baby from their own womb.
    So if you want a baby and want to keep it a secret as well then this surrogacy method is good option for you.
    I’m just sharing my thoughts with you regarding surrogacy.

    Felicia Saz

    Hey Naomi. Good luck with your procedure. This will all go very smoothly for you. I experienced this same situation about two years ago. I have a son now. I had him through surrogacy. The period of time it takes them to find the matching surrogate is the tricky part. My clinic took three months to finding me a surrogate that matched. This time can vary for other people. I was the most anxious during this. At one point I thought they wouldn’t be able to find me one. I was just having a lot of ludicrous thoughts. I’m glad this part is over for you. Your surrogate will conceive soon. Mine didn’t take much time in conceiving either. It would be really nice if you keep us updated on your surrogacy process. Thank you. I wish you good luck with it.

    Sasha James

    Hi there Naomi. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your infertility. I am an infertile woman too. I know the feeling. I know you can lose hope. It’s great that your husband is supportive. Support is all you need. Surrogacy is great. I believe it to be a blessing. I am sure it will work out for you too. I have two twins due to it. Just be strong. It can get little hard sometimes. I wish you good luck. Will be waiting to hear a good news.

    Shirley Akin

    Happy to hear that you are finally getting what you desire. Good for you. The process started in Feb, right? So how are things now? How did you like the surrogate? Did you meet her yet? You must be so anxious right now. Also excited at the same time. Crazy thing this wait is, right? You just want time to pass by so you can finally hold the sweet little angel in your arms. And you get to love the bab for rest of your life. I am welling up even talking about it. I can imagine the roller coster of emotions you must be going through right now. So so happy for you. Many congratulations. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Take care. Good luck.


    Naomiaope it seems to be pleased with you and us. This is really a positive and refreshing talk that you transferred. Husband is the core part of your life. If he supports, you and understands your feelings then life becomes happy and easy. I think husband and wife are the 2 aspects of a coin. Both are compulsory for each other. although your husband hasn’t any problem he is still helping you to cure. Don’t think that he doesn’t love you. He is just doing this for your happiness. He has cherished the taste of kids. Look at me I am convincing my DH. But he has some opinions and questions. He wants answers and I know he is on the right side. But I am expecting from him to support me in my wrong decision. he usually does and finally we suffered a loss. Well, best of luck and have a baby soon. Let us inform us via your post.


    Hi there! I hope you’re well. I’m sorry for your condition. It must be tough. Sadly, life brings us many turns. You are right to try out surrogacy. It’s what I did. Or IVF is a good option if you want to carry the baby yourself. I think you’ve made the right choice. I am so happy with my experience. It brought me my baby girl! I would say research a lot on this topic. It’s best if you find a good clinic. That really matters. Good luck with everything! Much love!


    Because surrogacy is still a fairly new process, those who have not been directly involved in the process will likely not understand what you, as a surrogate, will go through. No matter how supportive your friends and family are of your decision, it’s not quite the same as receiving support from someone who has actually been through the process. Fortunately, there is a growing community of surrogates around the world. If you’re interested in connecting with a fellow surrogate, all you need to do today is go online. There are plenty of surrogacy support groups for you to join and learn from, no matter where you are in your surrogacy journey. However, it’s important to remember to contact a surrogacy professional in addition to these online support groups. While these groups will be helpful for connecting with other surrogates, not all of the information posted online may be completely accurate or apply to your own surrogacy situation.


    You are going to start with the surrogate.
    We have already started the journey with our surrogate.
    We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy. Surrogacy is totally ban in Japan.So we moved to Europe.I had hysterectomy cancer and as a result i’m infertile.But my husband never left my side.He asked me to go for surrogacy.And we moved to Europe only for it.But in Europe we were not much satisfied with the clinics,And some one told me to go for Ukraine there are many good clinics there.So we moved to Ukraine.Now we are having twin daughters from the help of the clinic.The surrogate mother is too kind with us.God gave us two daughters as a gift to our patience, We are very thankful to everyone.
    If someone has some experience in Surrogacy let us know.
    Share your story with us too.

    mariya jones

    Hello dear! saddened to hear about your infertility, but I would like to tell you don’t let it become a curse for you. It is good to hear that
    your DH is supportive and is supporting you. Both of you need to talk about surrogacy and handle all these problems. There are certain clinics in Europe which can help you guys and are affordable. So good luck with what you do. Live your life according to your wishes.


    Hello Naomi, really glad to see your positivity and happiness towards your future.
    And don’t be afraid. Everything will work fine. And soon you will be mommy of a beautiful kid. We will look forward to your latest update about on going IVF. I hope that you will give us good news soon. Good luck Naomi.


    Hi Naomi. You’ve a beautiful name. And I am so happy to hear that you’re looking forward to your surrogacy. Being infertile isn’t easy at all. You’ve to be very strong to cope with it. It’s amazing to see how you dealt with it in such a positive way. You must have motivated so many people out there. I also had my baby through surrogacy as I was infertile too. And it was easily the best decision of my life. I have never been happier. And I wish the same happiness for you. Good luck, sweetheart. I have my fingers crossed for you. x


    glad to read your post. most inspirational part of your post is the support of your husband. if you are supported by the husband. I think no one loses hope. in your case you said, your husband is normal and you have a
    problem in your womb. it means the only option you left is surrogacy. I admire your decision. I am also a
    surrogated mother. and my husband is also supportive throughout this journey. and I have no regret on my decision. this is an opportunity for those who tried but cannot make their own family. I wish you best of luck on this journey. best of luck.


    I do hope the best for you. I can understand the pressure that you went through. Infertility is like a monster in a marriage. I have seen various marriages go down just because of lack of children. But all it takes is for you to be strong. Do not give up. I do hope that the surrogacy journey goes well with you. Personally I have been through a similar situation. I thank God as my procedure went on successful. I am now a proud mother. I do believe with determination and patience things will work out. Another good thing is that your husband supports you. That is one of the things taht is also important to you at this stage. Support from that one person you love most. It will keep you going. Trying to have a baby is something taht requires you to be psychologically ready too.

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