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  • Hey Noreen! How are you? The choice between surrogacy and adoption is a big question. She needs to consider her priorities. Through surrogacy, you have a chance at having a baby genetically related to you. But in adoption, there is no such thing. I can tell you what I’ll do if I was in the same position as her. If the baby can be 100% related to…[Read more]

  • Hey everyone? How are you all doing? Hope everyone is doing well. I am little curious about the behavior of my baby. She is so loving and caring. But when she is not with me, I don’t think she misses me. I mean when she is with her father she never talks about me. Is it normal? Am I worrying for no real reason?

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    This is so nice of you to share such an information. You have said it right. Lots of information delivered so comprehensively. It is really helpful for many out there. I hear many people talking about their struggles and efforts. All they need is a little ray of hope. And your post does it right. It is spreading love and hope. Also knowledge and…[Read more]

  • Hey there. How are you doing? Congratulations on your success. I am really happy to know about you. If I was in the situation, I would have told my baby about it. Because according to me it doesn’t matter.
    I hope everything works fine for you. Lots of love to you.

  • Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are fine. I am happy to know about your friend. This is so nice of you to share her story. Her story is really a true inspiration to many out there. I hear a lot many people talking about their struggles and efforts they are putting to be pregnant. In such a situation, your post in a ray of hope for all of…[Read more]

  • Congratulations lady. So happy for you. And I must say this is so nice of you to share such a nice post. You are a strong lady. It is so kind of you to spread love and hope. Your post is quite helpful for people who are struggling. Keep posting more. Lots of love and luck to you. More power to you.

  • I am sorry for your losses. I don’t have any experience in surrogacy. But I can tell you that it is a safe and quite a better option to go with. I have heard many people talking about it. People share their success stories about surrogacy. I hope everything goes fine for you. Lots of luck to you.

  • Surrogacy is not a big deal these days. It is helping many in need. It has a high success rate. Surrogacy is legal in some countries. It is also cheap there. There are some clinics who offer different packages. One can select the most suitable package.
    I know all this because I visited a clinic for IVF. I had a great experience. There is got to…[Read more]

  • Hey there! Hmm nicely summarized. I have a 7 month old daughter. I usually make a list with the order of products in which they are displayed in stores. So I start at one end and finish at the other. She is cecoming difficult to go shopping with as she is growing. You know she cries and doesn’t like shopping at all. Well not at this age 😉 .

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    Hey Felicia! How are you? Welcome to the forum. Nice recommendation from your sister ;). So how is everything? Had a son through surrogacy you said. That’s pretty amazing. Congratulations dear. You must be excited about him. Good for you. I have a 7 month old daughter. Had her through IVF. Such a trouble maker she is :). I love her so much. Hope…[Read more]

  • Hey there! You came to the right place. Yeah there are many ways for assisted conception these days. But very expensive in America. You would probably be suggested to go for IVF, or surrogacy. Keeping in mind your condition that is. Ukraine is the best option for both of them. I had my ivf there. Had success in the first cycle. Yaayyyy…
    So I…[Read more]

  • I would see what my husband and I want the most. A child. Or a genetically related child. Now if we want a related child, I’ll see if that is possible for both. I mean both can be related to the child. For me, it’ll be weird if only one of us is related. So in that case, I might opt for adoption. There are a lot of things to consider while…[Read more]

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    What is the clinic you are consulting? I know a clinic that provides complete data of the surrogate. Gets a complete history from them. And also a great many number of tests. Surrogacy is a great option indeed. But the choice of a clinic matters the most. Get in touch if you need any help.

  • Hope you are fine and enjoying these days. That is so great. I am so happy to know about you. 🙂 Finally, you are going to have your own baby. This is really amazing. Becoming a mother is the best you can get from life. It is the real happiness, I must say. The day you will get to touch your baby, You will feel like you are the luckiest person…[Read more]

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    PCOS can be that way. I am sorry for her. Nice of you to look out for her. Yeah IVF is a good option indeed. I don’t have PCOS. But I had IVF for my first baby. I won’t bore you with the details of my disease and journey. But since you care so much about your friend, I’ll give you some headers. First thing to consider is a good fertility clinic.…[Read more]

  • So right. I agree with every word of it. You know I always wondered what egg donors and sperm donors feel like while donating. I mean they know there is gonna be a baby with their genes. Their is gonna be a baby biologically related to them. I know most do it for money. But still it must be emotionally hard. Don’t you think? I mean if I had to…[Read more]

  • Happy to hear that you are finally getting what you desire. Good for you. The process started in Feb, right? So how are things now? How did you like the surrogate? Did you meet her yet? You must be so anxious right now. Also excited at the same time. Crazy thing this wait is, right? You just want time to pass by so you can finally hold the sweet…[Read more]

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