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    I do believe that the IVF cycles are stressful and can really test your marriage. I was very emotional when on the meds and then you or rather I tried not to get my hopes up to much. Because for me no matter how much you try and prepare yourself for the possibility for a neg test it was always a blow when it was negative. Then I would cry rant and rave then wonder if I was going to put myself through that again. Then start all over again. I REALLY have to give my DH credit because he put up with it all and never wanted to quit trying even though my emotions were going nuts. I used to ask him lol are you stupid. All so the whole process is like a hurry up and wait type thing. Blood work, trans vaginal ultrasounds sometime everyday when your ovaries are getting swollen and the US can get uncomfortable. Then the expectations and hopes of getting alot of eggs. Its not a easy road but ultimately worth while when you get your positive. If there is anything else you want to ask/talk about let me know. Good Luck everyone and Lots and Lots of baby dust.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hello Milan. How are you? I hope you’re doing well. You’re so kind. This is really supportive. I am sure the stress of all that is unmatched. I feel happy for the support you got from your DH. I can’t quite stress on how important it is to have a supportive better half. Congratulations on getting the positive news. I hope it works out for other hopefuls out there as well. It’s good to have people like you on this forum. Means a lot. Keep up the good work. Good luck with the next step. Thank you so much!

    Felicia Saz

    Hey, Milan. I hope you are doing well. You are right. These things can be very challenging. one cannot avoid these things. But you know, you have your ups and you have your downs in such situations. You just have to deal with them. I know it gets hard. And sometimes, not just hard, it becomes unbearable. I know this because I have been there. I had my son through surrogacy. I had ew kinds of concerns every single day. I barely got a peace moment. My husband must have thought at some point that I might be crazy lol. I don’t blame him. I used to worry about so many things. It was my first time. I really didn’t know if everything will go smoothly for me or not. I didn’t know if things will work out. After all the struggle, a baby for me seemed too good to be true. But I’m so happy it happened and things did work out. I’m so grateful to my husband, the surrogate and the clinic I went to for it. In the end, it really did seem worth the trouble.


    Hey, Milan thank you for this post. I believe going through the IVF process is the most difficult one. As you’re to go through a long cycle. Cycle filled with shots and what not. Some people in the hope that things work out even do various other things side by side. However, what really scares me is that there is no guarantee attached to it. So I know people for whom it failed twice or even more than that. I hope for all those who go through it turns out to be a success.

    hailey johnson

    Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. Congratulations on your successful IVF. Im so happy for you. I too longed to have a baby naturally. I got my baby boy through surrogacy. Best of luck. Cheers!

    Sasha James

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry you have to go For IVF. I know it gets hard. Really hard. The stress of not being able to conceive naturally makes it harder. I know I have seen a lot of people go through it. I am an infertile person too. However, a little positivity and support are all you need. A great doctor you have there. I hope people get their hopes for this post. I wish everyone good luck. I hope it works out for you. Take care.

    Shirley Akin

    This is so nice of you to share such an information. You have said it right. Lots of information delivered so comprehensively. It is really helpful for many out there. I hear many people talking about their struggles and efforts. All they need is a little ray of hope. And your post does it right. It is spreading love and hope. Also knowledge and awareness.
    I would like to take a moment and thank you. Thank you so much to take time out of your busy routine to help others.
    I hope to hear more. Lots of love to you. More power to you. Stay the same. Keep spreading hope and love.


    Hey Milan. Hope you will be fine. Dear you seems to be a brave lady indeed. The way you face all the difficult and long waiting phase of IVF is really appreciatable. You bear all that with patience. Although you were disheartened many times due to negative report. But still you managed yourself to try again. And atlast you succeeded. This all credit goes to your husband. And your will power is worth appreciating.
    I am also in consideration to start with IVF. As I also can’t conceive naturally due to heart problem. Now I am praying that God gives me so much courage and determination like you that I face all the stages of IVF with courage. Please pray for me. And guide me that from where you avail the services? I will keep in touch with you to take further guidance from you in my IVF journey.


    Yes, I do agree with you in this modern time science has made great progress.There is a solution for every problem.Just we had to find ways how to meet all the problems.Sometimes, it could happen, in the first time of conceiving things are normal but with the second one creating trouble.Might be some hormonal problems.My sister has to take the other option because she was not able to conceive naturally.So she has to take the surrogacy process.I think it’s an amazing process and blessing for all the intended parents.There is a solution and you have to take this to to gain success.Have a happy and healthy life.I wished that you have your baby in future.Keep believing in good things.I am sure you have good news sooner.Take care.Keep going on..


    Hi,I hope everyone is doing well here.In my opnion,this is one of the best thing technology provided to humanity. Having a baby in life is consider the most important part after marriage. But some of couples face problems in having a baby. Because they are facing infertility problem. Surrogacy is the blessing for all of those who are facing infertility problems. Because of this process and many good clinics, there are many couples who have made their life beautiful because of this. I wish you have same results in your life.


    This is so good of you to share such an information. You have said very true dear. Heaps of information conveyed so extensively. It is very useful for some out there. I hear numerous individuals discussing their experiences and endeavors. All they require is a little beam of hope. Also, your post filled my heart with joy. It is spreading adoration and hope. Likewise learning and mindfulness. I want to see you happy. Thanks a lot, to you that you gave us your precious time. I would like to learn more about it. Bunches of love to you. Good luck with the future. Stay blessed and happy. Continue spreading love and hope!


    Starting the IVF treatment process can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Usually, IVF is pursued only after other fertility treatments have failed. You may have been trying to conceive for months or, more likely, for years and years. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, IVF is the very first treatment tried. Infertility itself is an emotional experience. When couples want to have children and feel their biological clocks ticking so to speak. They feel the pressure is on. And when it doesn’t happen on it’s own. It can be devastating. Deciding to go through with in vitro when as mentioned before it is usually a last resort is a big decision. Not only have you already undergone a lot to try to get pregnant and the sheer financial burden of IVF. The process itself is stressful. Odds are against a successful procedure in any one cycle of treatment.


    Many emotions arise during fertility treatment that can cause stress not just to you, but also to your spouse. Making sure that you take care of yourself as well as your marriage is important and can make your overall journey much easier when coping with infertility and pregnancy outcomes as a couple. Be sure to take the time to really connect with one another. Hint: sitting on the couch together watching TV doesn’t count as connecting. Make a date to grab lunch. Take a walk on the beach or go for a long peaceful drive together. Any activity that gives you the space to share, laugh and reconnect. This is likely a stressful time for you. It’s important to remember that your partner is going through a tough time too. At least once a day, put your full focus on their emotions: ask them how they are feeling and what you can do to help them through this.


    That’s true that you should never give up. No matter how much tough the path is. IVF journey is the tough path you could take. Each time a cycle goes round. Leave you with so many twists and turns that you could never want to be in.
    But only because of these reasons you could never put stop on your struggle.
    But you got to accept that IVF has lightened so many homes. It’s great that your DH has supported you much. There should be a balanced life. And these tough time must be observed by both the partners. Stay strong and stay together. These times would soon be left.

    Sarah Williams

    Well, that’s what I needed to hear! I’m going for it in July already. So, yeah! Pretty inspiring and motivating post. Keep us posted! I’m so glad it did work for you. Baby dust to you too. 🙂 Take care! You truly deserved it!

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