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  • My prayers are with you. I hope you become a mother through that way soon. Best regards! Keep trying! See you later? I’m also having my IVF abroad. So, can relate your journey a little bit… 🙂

  • Completely agreed! It’s really a privileged for normal people to conceive naturally, while some of us don’t have that way. So, yeah! Surrogacy needs to be normalized now. I’ve seen couples getting their lives changed through this. So, yeah! Thanks for sharing such an amazing post. Respect! Keep posting such stuff. Best of luck with your journey…[Read more]

  • Hi Serena! I understand your concern. But, last year a friend of mine was having an IVF. So, doctors told her to undergo IVF with donor eggs as she had low ovarian reserve as soon as possible. Anyway! That’s how it goes! Anyway! surely, still every case is different, I believe.

  • Hello Kelly! Well, did you try considering assisted procedures? I mean that’s also a choice. But, still, secondly! Would advise you to go for surrogacy, if you can afford. Stats show that couple who undergo surrogacy as compared to adoption are more satisfied and successful with the reason of it. Anyway! That’s your choice. I hope you find a more…[Read more]

  • Whenever I get to see such amazing posts. It really makes me so happy. Just because if someone’s family gets completed or anyhow they get a way around of some problem, they are facing and it gets way out or solution. By the people around, makes my faith restored in humanity. Anyway! Stay blessed darling! Sending you baby dust. I hope you become a…[Read more]

  • Sounds like a pretty good success story to me. Well, glad to hear that it worked for you. Wouldn’t disagree with the results. I’ve also heard of it before already. My cousin sister had her surrogacy a year back in Kiev. So, yeah! I personally thought of it. But, when I met our doctor in Ukraine. They suggested us to first try for IVF as my chances…[Read more]

  • Read the whole post. Very amazing ideas and tips. Yes, once we are going to have our process. So, yeah! I also think that children shouldn’t be kept in dark. So, yeah! If I was having surrogacy, would have endorsed you already. Anyway! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Very well explained the idea of it. Well, yes! I completely agree. It’s very important! I also believe in this, personally I’m also trying to become a mother to complete our family. So, yeah! Post is RELATE-ABLE to me.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! that’s just an amazing thing to share! Well, yes! Wouldn’t disagree with you. I’ve also seen other successful results, even when I was at a center in Kiev last year. People were preferring surrogacy over other procedures.

  • Thank you for sharing the informative post here. Explains much here. So, yeah! I’m also having my process abroad. I’ve got PCOS. So, yes! Can relate! But, Doctor told me that IVF does have good chances, wouldn’t disagree with it. Hoping for the best outcome yet.

  • Thank you for sharing the informative post here. Explains much here. So, yeah! I’m also having my process abroad. I’ve got PCOS. So, yes! Can relate! But, Doctor told me that IVF does have good chances, wouldn’t disagree with it. Hoping for the best outcome yet.

  • Well, yes! I agree with it. It’s their right to know! Well, but still I think it’s better not to share it with them, it might indulge them in some kind of problem or lack in confidence I believe. So, yes! That can also create a complex in them. So, better wouldn’t. I’m having my process later this month abroad. I’d not share it with my child. So,…[Read more]

  • Pretty infomative video. Yes, I agree that surrogacy is really a great procedure. My own cousin sister had it last year abroad in Kiev. So, yeah! She was infertile, couldn’t conceive for years. So, doctors suggested her for it. Now, I’m also planning on to undergo same as her.Just need it to work for me. Anyway! Stay blessed all. I hope you all…[Read more]

  • Oh, that’s great! Well, My cousin sister also had her process there at Biotexcom center. Thanks for sharing it here. I didn’t know about the London seminar. I’ll surely attend. I’ve also considered trying surrogacy this year. Let’s see! Watch this video and also others on the account. You’ll know the…[Read more]

  • Hello Olivia. We have already talked in your previous post. So, yeah! Well, consider centers in Ukraine. Yes, I’ve not had personal experience. But, have seen someone having a daughter there. My cousin sister had surrogacy last year there. So, yeah. It can be worth going for!

  • Hello Olivia. I’ve just read your whole post. Your situation is pretty clear. I’m sorry for the losses you had previously. Well, don’t worry much! You’re going the right way. I guess surrogacy is really a good option for a case like yours. I’ve seen women at clinics having really wonderful and direct successful results most of the times. Yes,…[Read more]

  • Sarah Williams replied to the topic IVF in the forum Transfer 5 years, 10 months ago

    Well, that’s what I needed to hear! I’m going for it in July already. So, yeah! Pretty inspiring and motivating post. Keep us posted! I’m so glad it did work for you. Baby dust to you too. 🙂 Take care! You truly deserved it!

  • Sarah Williams replied to the topic IVF Risks in the forum Transfer 5 years, 10 months ago

    Hello Tifanny! Thanks for sharing such an informative post about IVF. Yes! It’s really hard for a couple. I’m also undergoing one in July of this year at a repro center in Ukraine. But, I’m prepared for it. I think it really does deserve to become a mother. No matter what happens! Completing a family is very important for someone. So, yeah. It’s…[Read more]

  • Yes! I’ve heard of it from many of my friends. So, yeah! I’m also planning to try it after my IVF in July. Yes! My center in Ukraine also offers acupuncture and many other therapy packages. So, yeah! Will have one. Let’s hope for the best, I hope to get pregnant. Jbtw!

  • Hello dear! Well, yes! I’m so happy to hear that it worked for you. Yeah! I’m also undergoing an embryo transfer in July of this year at a center in Ukraine. My case is of PCOS. I didn’t want to undergo it. Yes! Because my first choice was naturally. But, all these years I couldn’t do it. So, yeah! Anyway! you’re right! Sometimes, we are looking…[Read more]

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