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    I am looking for your advice and your experience. Would love to hear from someone who has suffered low ovarian reserve and have a successful surrogacy journey. Since I have a low ovarian reserve, moreover, been diagnosed with FGR. Could I be able to use my own eggs? Or I may have to go with donor eggs? Because, It only takes one egg to fertilize, but what if I get a one or two quality eggs? Will it work for me? I am still not interested in trying with donor eggs(only when its the last option). Can somebody tell me how much are the chances that I would be able to use my own egg rather than donor ones?

    Sarah Williams

    Hi Serena! I understand your concern. But, last year a friend of mine was having an IVF. So, doctors told her to undergo IVF with donor eggs as she had low ovarian reserve as soon as possible. Anyway! That’s how it goes! Anyway! surely, still every case is different, I believe.

    Polina Delany

    My advice would also be that you should ask your doctor. Because, I think that every case has different stats. Personally, would be telling you that you should have your own eggs. Their comparability will be better, isn’t it? Rest is up to you. Best of luck with your case. Anyway!


    Hello Serena, how are you doing? I understand your concern. Using someone else is a difficult for one. I think you should have to consult with your doctor. Each case has different situation. Sometimes low quality eggs also works for other. In opinion. you should have to use your own eggs. Hope your doctor will guide you better. Good luck


    Hi Serena. How are you doing honey? The low egg count is a common problem among many females. You’re not the only one who has been through this. What I would like to mention. Is that with only one egg you can have success. Depends on the professionality of the clinic you’re visiting. I had a successful transfer to Kiev. Those folks fixed me up really good. I had a really bad reserve, but they were able to retrieve three healthy eggs. Now I’ve had a successful run in surrogacy. Might go again. You can do it too. Take care.

    Lauren Rhoades

    Serena, I know you’d want to use your own eggs. However, I found out by researching that it’s better to use donor eggs. They are more likely to work. But, it is up to you. Good luck, honey. I hope whatever you go with, it works! You can do this!


    Hi, I hope you are doing good. Well, I think you should ask your doctor. He will tell you that what is best for you. People have no knowledge. we cannot tell you without a diagnosis. If you have good quality eggs so then they can be fertilized. If not then, there is nothing to talk about. I think doctors know the best. Secondly, find a good fertility clinic they will help you out.


    Well, I hope you are in good health. Well, it is better to ask a doctor. They know that what is best for you. If you have a good quality of eggs then it will be helpful for you. It is great to go for Donor eggs if the quality of eggs is low. But consult a doctor. They know the best for you. My best wishes are with you.


    Hey, Serena, I hope you are well. I myself suffer from the poor ovarian reserve. I was diagnosed with low AMH levels and FSH levels. It was a really difficult time for me. The doctors told me that IVF won’t work for me either. He even said that even if it did work the chances of MC were very high. Therefore, the only option I had was surrogacy. I decided to go for it after finding myself a good clinic.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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