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    Let us know the updates regarding your journey. I’m also in the same boat as yours. Just a little late on it. So, yeah! Can’t wait for it. Anyway! That’s how it goes! We are also having the process now in Kiev. Best of luck you. 🙂 Stay blessed darling!

  • Yes! Heard of it before. So, many times! So, yeah! It’s not fine to see this. Well, yeah! I mean why do people still think of it as a taboo? I mean, it’s 21st century. come on! We really need awareness about it for our people. Yes, agreed! Understanding the importance is the needed part here. So, yeah! I’m also having my surrogacy process later…[Read more]

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    Thanks for sharing the post. I’m sure that you’re spreading such an amazing experience. It can really help others. Surely, infertility is being spread. you story tells us a lot! I’m glad you shared it with others. Its really needed to be understood. Anyway! That’s how it goes! More importantly, it’s good to see someone getting helped through the…[Read more]

  • Finally! that’s really a wonderful news to hear. I’m glad you’re opting for it. Best of luck! I hope things work out in your favor. It’s really an amazing procedure, I feel. Ukrainian centers are among the best. I’m glad for you. Keep going! Keep us updated. I’d love to know the details. I’m also going in a week or two to Kiev for my process, let…[Read more]

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    Hello Kelly! Well, you just came up with a very much asked question. My personal and competent advice to you on this matter will be that why not to go for surrogacy? I mean why still avoid the option of having a child of your own. Still, if you can. So, that’s all? Anyway! I think surrogacy is really a fine option. I’ve seen so many women having…[Read more]

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    My advice would also be that you should ask your doctor. Because, I think that every case has different stats. Personally, would be telling you that you should have your own eggs. Their comparability will be better, isn’t it? Rest is up to you. Best of luck with your case. Anyway!

  • Just read your long post. Well, thanks that you shared it with others. Yes! Those are the very much satisfactory benefits of it. Now, more and more people are going for it. So, yes! I’m also undergoing for the process now at a center in Kiev. We are going to get our surrogate pregnant as soon as Sept. So, yeah! It’s the only way left for us to…[Read more]

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    Hello Milan! Well, yes! I can understand what you’re taking about. I recently met with a friend of mine. She was undergoing IVF abroad. So, yes! She was a PCOS patient, since her 20s and couldn’t conceive, ending up having a Miscarriage in past. So, yes! Her ovarian reserve also had a drawback. You know what? I’m not saying that you information is…[Read more]

  • Went through the website though. Still, yes! Wouldn’t disagree. Int’l surrogacy is becoming so common for so long! I’m personally going to Kiev, Ukraine for my process this week. Yes! Couldn’t conceive. So, surrogacy is the last resort I’ll prefer and suggest others. Still, I think it’s always important to choose a clinic or doctor on someone’s…[Read more]

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    Congrats! I hope you become a mother soon. Yes! I’ll completely agree with you on this. I’m also a struggling TTC. Couldn’t conceive for years. Surely! Secondly, yes! Last year, my friend suggested to undergo surrogacy. At first, I was resistant. Later met a few people, who went through the process. So, now I’m under process of surrogacy at a…[Read more]

  • Well, explained. I must have to agree with it. Well, I’m personally going for surrogacy at a center in Kiev. So, yeah! that’s how it goes! Staying strong is the key here. Anyway! Still, we have waited years for it. So, yes! things work that way. Anyway! I think it’s really a way for women who can’t conceive naturally. So, yes! That’s how it goes!

  • Well, yes! I think surrogacy is a fine decision. I’m personally having my process there later this week. I’m also infertile due to PCOS. So, yeah! Well, they will find you a surrogate mother to carry your child. They will transfer your eggs to her and with sperm. She will just carry and the child will be yours. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! Stay…[Read more]

  • Hello Dakota! Oh, yeah? I’ve heard of it. But, didn’t know Anastasia is also coming there in London. Oh, anyway! Thanks for sharing it here. I’ve seen her so many videos on Youtube. I agree that Biotexcom is a real deal. I’m personally undergoing my surrogacy process there later next week. I’m glad it will help many women in London. My friends are…[Read more]

  • WEll, yes! It’s really important! You’re right! It really gives slight ahead situation for people who involve their children. So, yeah! Well, last month I went to a center in Kiev. I heard there that child was opposing her mother for being a surrogate and all. It ended up being into a huge issue. So, yeah! It was at Adonis center, in Kiev. Things…[Read more]

  • Completely agree with your stance here. I can relate things! I’m also undergoing surrogacy right now at Biotexcom center in Kiev. So, yeah! I can relate things. I just met yesterday our surrogate. I really had a long conversation with her. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! She was really an amazing person overall. So, yeah! Things can be related at…[Read more]

  • Hello Jessica! That’s just so wonderful! I’m also having surrogacy starting from the week at Biotexcom center. It’s in Kiev. They really have this wonderful whole procedure. So, yeah! I’m glad to hear of your result, congrats! Stay blessed! Keep going! x It took me a really long time before joining them. I’ve had several bad experiences. I’ve been…[Read more]

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    Well, yes! I’ve already heard and read so many cases in my life. I’m personally going to Kiev, Biotexcom this weekend. As we are starting our procedure of surrogacy there in upcoming July. Let’s hope for the best first of all. Yes! I also heard that August seminar and open house. I’ve notified my friends in London, they will be attending. Biotex…[Read more]

  • Well, yes! That’s quite informative! But, in the end, today, it benefits both. So, yeah! I’m also undergoing surrogacy this week. I’ve to go to a centre in Kiev. So, yeah! I can relate things. I’ve already waited so long! So, eventually, it’s a route for me. We are flying to Kiev later this Week. The centre has found us a match. So, yes! It’s…[Read more]

  • Hi Emma. I’m very sorry to hear of your bad experience and total loss. So, yeah! Stay strong dudette! I understand how it’s like some centres are really just scams. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! I’ve not also heard any good reviews about this Adonis centre. So, yes! Try other centres? I’m also having surrogacy later this month a centre in Kiev.…[Read more]

  • Hi Victoria. I understand your concern. So, yeah! I know stuff! I’m also having surrogacy later this August at a repro centre in Kiev. So, yeah! But, I’ve already had failed IVF in past. So, yeah! My case is of PCOS. I’ve not been able to conceive since my marriage, since around 5 years. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! Ask your friend to have this…[Read more]

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