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    I want to discuss surrogacy and adoption. Both are the best way to have your child. The most important thing is to choose the best medium for it. Most people opt for adoption because they considered surrogacy as illegal. Most of the people chose surrogacy just because they want to have their biological child. So both of them have their own benefits. Instead of criticizing them we should understand its importance. Most of the couples who can’t afford surrogacy they opt for adoption. There is a clinic in Europe dealing with it in the best way. They are helping many infertile people. They are doing such a great job. I want to share my thoughts with you. I know some people will disagree with me. Thank you all in advance

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hello, Moni. I agree with what you’ve said. Surrogacy is definitely something people prefer more, now. That’s because they get to have a biological child! What more could you possibly want? And, I heard about that clinic. They are doing a great job!

    Joanne Silvia

    I heard about the clinic! They are doing a phenomenal job. They are basically fighting against infertility. It’s so nice of them. I’m so glad there are institutions of that sort. It makes me incredibly happy. Thank you for this post!


    For couples who are aspiring to have their own child, surrogacy is a great option as they will have a baby that will be biologically theirs. Many childless couples opt for adoption, but then they have to ensure that the history of the child is good and will suit them or else there can be issues between them and the child. Such issues can be eliminated through surrogacy where the child will be the own flesh and blood of the couple. Surrogacy is a very good option for couples who are of the same gender. For such couple having a child naturally is impossible and therefore will have to opt for such methods to have a child of their own. In such cases, the source of the sperm or egg will have to be from one of the intended couple to avoid any legal complications in the future. As the story in the description shows, a lot of things can go wrong with surrogacy when it is not regulated. The most common problems are when the parents don’t want to accept the baby, or when the surrogate mother wants to keep the newborn. Defining the legal responsibilities of the different parties will prevent such problems.


    Both of these things are really good. The main thing is both these give happiness to the family. It completes the family. It doesn’t matter whether its surrogacy or adoption. But people should really remove this thing from the mind that surrogacy is unethical. There is nothing bad about it. The surrogate only put embryos of the intended parent into her womb. I don’t understand what is wrong with it.


    Hey there. I am so happy to hear thta there is actually a clinic which can help infertile couples out through surrogacy, because my cousin had to go for surrogacy and there is a clinic known as a****s they are a scam as they did not even had the decency to reply back. Looks like they are just losing good customers. It is their loss. I just hope that everyone stays away from these clinics, and not waste their time. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    sarah agnis

    Well, I would not like to discourage you. But you e should know that the doctors’ opinion should be considered at some point. If you so dearly want to have a child you might also want to look into adoption. That in its self is an act of selflessness. It’s not every day that parents get the opportunity like this. May it is your calling.


    Hey,How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Good and Bad experiences are part of life.Be thankful you had come to know about surrogacy and happy for you that now you have a baby .it’s great to hear about it. I also heard about surrogacy for my sister and we went to one of the best clinics for surrogacy and now my sister’s surrogate is finally conceiving. It’s all about time and choosing the right clinics for all this process and I think its best way for having a baby and to overcome all the deficiencies.Now I am hoping best for my sister and you don’t need to worry we are here to support you. Surrogacy is the best option for those who can’t conceive due to pregnancy issues. I advise those who can’t conceive must try surrogacy.

    Polina Delany

    Yes! Heard of it before. So, many times! So, yeah! It’s not fine to see this. Well, yeah! I mean why do people still think of it as a taboo? I mean, it’s 21st century. come on! We really need awareness about it for our people. Yes, agreed! Understanding the importance is the needed part here. So, yeah! I’m also having my surrogacy process later this month at a clinic in Ukraine. I’d not have become a mother of my child, if it wasn’t for it. We are really thankful and hopeful about it. People need a clear understanding and Govts too.

    Sarah Williams

    Completely agreed! It’s really a privileged for normal people to conceive naturally, while some of us don’t have that way. So, yeah! Surrogacy needs to be normalized now. I’ve seen couples getting their lives changed through this. So, yeah! Thanks for sharing such an amazing post. Respect! Keep posting such stuff. Best of luck with your journey too. 🙂 We are also going to a center in Ukraine, they are really even better than centers in States, More feasible actually! Anyway! xoxo


    Go for surrogacy. It is easier and successful method of having a baby. As i have gone through it that is why i am saying for surrogacy. Surrogacy was successful for my family. I had hysterectomy cancer due to which i was infertile for life. So we decided to go for surrogacy. And it turns to be a real straight success for us without any issue. Now we will have our twin daughters from this surrogacy.
    That is why i suggest surrogacy.


    One advantage of gestational surrogacy is the possibility that one or both intended parents can be biologically connected to their child. The intended parents’ eggs and/or sperm can be used to create the embryo, which is then medically transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. This biological relationship makes surrogacy a popular option for families who feel strongly about having a genetic child. In addition, being biologically related to the child can help simplify the legal process and give intended parents more control during the pregnancy. On the other hand, adoption typically involves an unplanned pregnancy, and the birth mother is the biological parent of the child. This means that intended parents will not have a genetic relationship to their baby. It may also mean that the birth mother could have more complicated emotions to process. In some instances, this can cause the legal and social aspects of the adoption process to become more complicated than surrogacy. Whether you choose adoption or surrogacy, you will be responsible for a number of expenses during the family-building process, including agency fees as well as legal and medical costs. However, surrogacy involves the additional expense of fertility treatments and surrogate compensation, which can make surrogacy costs more expensive than adoption.


    Probably the biggest difference between surrogacy and adoption is that one involves a planned pregnancy while the other involves an unplanned pregnancy. This affects every aspect of the process, including the legal work that is required, the support that social workers provide, the types of interactions that you share with the surrogate or birth mother, and the types of expenses that are required to bring your baby home. The domestic adoption process can be a little bit stressful on adoptive parents because they simply don’t have full control over the situation. They may wonder: “What if the birth mother changes her mind?” “What if the birth father contests the adoption?” “Is the birth mother receiving regular prenatal treatment?” “Is she taking care of herself and our baby?” Remember, these are common thoughts by adoptive parents, and most adoption agencies have safeguards to protect them from any of these scenarios. However, these feelings can still persist. Regardless, in surrogacy, intended parents do have much more control over the situation. Often times, the only concern is whether the embryo transfer and pregnancy will be successful. Most everything else in the surrogacy process has already been planned and is legally binding, so very few surprises should occur. If you are debating between surrogacy and adoption, our surrogacy specialists are available to help you with this decision. They are equally knowledgeable about adoption as they are about surrogacy.

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