• I want to discuss surrogacy and adoption. Both are the best way to have your child. The most important thing is to choose the best medium for it. Most people opt for adoption because they considered surrogacy as illegal. Most of the people chose surrogacy just because they want to have their biological child. So both of them have their own…[Read more]

  • Dear, how are you? How is your Freind? I have read your post carefully. It makes me think that I should be honest with you. IVF is a very good treatment. Though its success rate is very low. So it will be wastage of money and time. I will recommend you surrogacy. It will be the best option for you. In this surrogate will carry your baby. It will…[Read more]

  • Life is nothing without a child. Living childless is so difficult for the couples. I wish no one remains infertile. Dear your post is really very touching. I can feel how difficult it will be for you. I was also suffering from infertility. I tried to contact lotus clinic. They didn’t give me a very good response. I never lose hope. I have heard…[Read more]

  • Dear don’t be afraid. I know it’s your first experience. That’s why you a worried. Well, surrogacy is a blessing. It helps many infertile individuals to achieve their dreams. My sister was also infertile. She was so much depressed about her infertility. Then someone recommended her a good clinic. She visited them. They treated her really well with…[Read more]

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