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    Hey everyone. I think you can help out here. A friend is facing difficulties in TTC. I recommended she go for IVF or surrogacy. She’s open to both options. She just can’t narrow down to one. IVF is great in that she can conceive herself. But there are many cases where it isn’t successful. Or it is very time-taking. Surrogacy, on the other hand, can also be a little time taking, but at least it’s a sure shot. The down with that is she can’t conceive by herself. What should she do? Should she go through the trouble and wait of IVF. Or should she resort to surrogacy? I’m more inclined towards surrogacy since it’s lesser stress. I may be biased though since I myself went for it. Can you suggest to her?


    HI Victoria! Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry to hear about your friends situation. I know how hard infertility can be since I am also one of its victims. I have been through both surrogacy and IVF procedures and will try to guide you as best as I can. I would recommend that your friend go for surrogacy since surrogacy is a sure shot and Unlike IVF it is bound to succeed. I have been through IVF twice and both times it has failed. IVF has a higher chance of success for women with PCOS but it not as successful for other forms on infertility. For clinic recommendation, You should look up clinics in Ukraine since Ukraine is home to some of the best clinic around the world. I also went there for my surrogacy procedure and have nothing but good things to say about the procedure.


    Hey. I am sorry about your friend. this must have been so hard for her. I hope she will be a mother soon. Well, whatever she chooses, choose it wisely. It is a matter of life. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I wanted to be a mother I was not fortunate. I decided to go for surrogacy. For this, I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with all the facilities they could. I have a baby now. I have no more worries in my life. I took a right decision on time. I have no more worries. I am happy that I had this option.


    Hi. I hope everything is fine. I am sad for her. it is had to overcome. I am sorry. My friend also faced infertility. She was an infertile woman. She wanted to be a mother badly. She faced all this for 7 years. She was so devastated. So she decided to go for surrogacy. She went to a renown clinic. She was happy with her decision. I have a baby now. I think surrogacy is the best option. I hope for the best.


    Hi, I am so sorry for her. I would recommend her to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is best for infertile couples. IVF is also a good method. But, it is mostly unsuccessful. It is also expensive. Surrogacy is less painful. It is also less expensive compared to other. Surrogacy is mostly successful. I had also a baby through surrogacy. I was suffering from fatigue injury. I was trying to get pregnant. My family was not accepting me. But my husband stood by me. Then I visited Ukraine for the first-rate clinic. Now, I have a baby.

    Jessica fields

    It will depend on her. If she wants to give birth. I think IVF is best. If she is unable to do so. Or she wants to just have the baby. She can opt for surrogacy. It will ensure she gets a baby at any cost. While IVF can be stressful. It is more painful. The chances of failure are high too. Now she has to make the call. She can look for a reliable clinic. There is one in Europe. They can examine her. They will let know the best solution for her.


    I have been TTC from last 10 years. There is no specific reason behind my infertility, Doctors can’t tell any reason behind my infertility, I am tired of TTC now as i already know there isn’t miracle going to happen. My husband friend has decided that we should go for surrogacy. we live in Bulgaria here surrogacy is not allowed. So we have decided to go to another state for this. My husband says Ukraine is very popular in regard of surrogacy. Hopefully we should be moving to Ukraine for our surrogacy.Surrogacy is a really a gift. I hear from many infertile couples there stories of successful surrogacy journey. I feel happy when people met their dream they are unable to have by themselves. Surrogacy will also make my dream true of having a baby. The clinic with which we are in contact is arranging an event in London. I am going to attend that event. People looking for surrogacy from this clinic should surely attend this event.
    If anyone knows a good clinic from Ukraine about surrogacy than let us know.


    Hello Victoria! Hope you are fine at your end. I am really sorry about your friend’s trouble. TTC is a painful task if you aren’t able to do that. But tell her to stay strong. There are other options she can opt for. I was also TTC for 2 years but all in vain. So I chose IVF from the clinic in Europe. That clinic treats infertility. I suggest she should go there. The doctors and staff are experts. They’ll take her proper checkup and then suggest her what is good for her. So don’t worry good things takes time. I hope everything will be alright. Stay healthy.

    Polina Delany

    Hi Victoria. I understand your concern. So, yeah! I know stuff! I’m also having surrogacy later this August at a repro centre in Kiev. So, yeah! But, I’ve already had failed IVF in past. So, yeah! My case is of PCOS. I’ve not been able to conceive since my marriage, since around 5 years. So, yeah! That’s how it goes! Ask your friend to have this advice from her OB as per her condition. Yes! Don’t forget? Surrogacy is a good option. I hope it works for her.


    Sorry to hear about your infertility. I have sympathy for you. Indeed you have faced a very tough time in your life. Do not lose hope dear. It is not the end of life. The one who came in this world has to face difficulties of this world. You can say its law of nature. First, you faced infertility then the clinic did bad to you. It is completely unfair to you. We are on the same boat. I also faced three miscarriages after my marriage. I became infertile. I lost all my hope. My husband encouraged me that we can have a baby in another way. I searched for treatment on the internet. I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to the clinic lotus. It was just a trap. Their only motive is to make else nothing else. They do not care about the feeling of people. THeir staff is really rude. The surrogates are really greedy. They torture intended mother. Their medical facilities were also not good. I faced the worst experience there. They made me more disappointed. I would like to aware another woman of this kind of clinics. May God bless you, dear. Goodbye.


    I have read your problem. I felt sad for your friend. IVF and surrogacy, both are the better solutions for infertility. IVF is time taking, depends on the success of the IVF cycle. Surrogacy has the most percentage of being successful. I recommend you to visit a clinic in Europe. That clinic can give you the best advice. Their team is coming to London on the 18-19 of August. Do visit them and ask the same question, they’ll give you the better answer for it. I am also going to visit them. You can have all the solutions to your problems from them. Stay blessed.


    I was looking for a good clinic to consult for my surrogacy journey. I found lotus clinic mentioned on a forum. I contacted the clinic via email. Until now i have sent 8 mails to the clinic. But they didn’t replied even for a single time. How it deals with it clients is thoughtful. So please be careful before going to any clinic. I am not infertile. I conceived for 3 times. Each time i had a miscarriage. I lost all my hope of having a baby. My husband left me. Now as i am married for second time. I am looking for surrogacy to have a baby. Surrogacy is very common today. But i had a bad experience with clinic. Now i will look for a good one.


    hey Victoria!!! It’s really nice to see you again over here. well, not a troublesome issue. as I am also caught in it. I am literally against of adoption. Adoption causes many problems after the baby has grown up. Especially when you adopt a baby from a nursery you don’t know where he belongs. When his parents come after that they began to show their concern towards them. it hurt us. I will suggest you apply to any clinic in Ukraine. As Ukraine is full of multiple surrogacy clinics. go through IVF with donor or yourself eggs. When you apply their doors will open to you. don’t feel hesitation of any kind. You will get a baby soon.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. I am so sorry for what your friend went through. Help is on her way. The most amazing clinic in Ukraine is coming. She can gain consultancy from them. But I feel hopeful for myself. My surrogacy journey will be starting next month. Do ask your friend to contact them. The clinic has a high success rate and also offering reasonable procedures. In fact, i have a good news for you, their experienced doctor’s team is going to visit Uk on 18-19 August. they are organizing an event here. take your friend there to meet them and i am sure you will find them best. Don’t miss this opportunity. Its a golden chance trust me. I will be there. I hope to see you there too. Take care.


    Hi Victoria! How are you? Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry about your infertility. I know how hard it must have been for you since I can relate to it myself. I am also infertile but I am now a mother. I would recommend you go for surrogacy. IVF is not as successful as surrogacy. Surrogacy is a sure shot and I have also been through surrogacy procedure. The clinic I went to was the best at such procedures and I have heard that they are coming to London mid august for an open house. IF you are near by I recommend you get yourself registered as it would help you out greatly. I wish you all the best.

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