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    Hey, jessica733 it’s very simple to say that hold down. You have experienced this feeling and tell me what you do when you become upset. It seems like we are stuck in a situation where not a single way route out towards success. It also depends upon your surrounded people. Their way of condoling and what expressions they show you when you face f…[Read more]

  • I can imagine what you are trying to say, Meggy. A clinic is made up of staff’s efforts. In fact, a clinic earns its reputation via the management team and staff’s hard work. People are a witness to this thing that a clinic with poor management had gone out its identity from this world. They are unable to win people’s trust. It’s hard to earn…[Read more]

  • hi Stormy! Hope you are absolutely fine. don’t lose hope dear. I think that life is a combination of happiness and sorrows. So good time will also come in your life. yes, surrogacy is really a great blessing. but its very hard task is to find a good clinic for it. now there are many scammers who are claiming that they are the good ones. But I d…[Read more]

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    Alina hi! I am so disappointed in your bad experience. You are a so nice and courageous lady. But I am very sorry that you have to face such negligence in your life. dear, you should completely investigate the clinic before taking any decision about it. I also heard many terrible stories about Adonis. Even I also visited its building. There are no…[Read more]

  • hello Polina Delany!!! you give me a good news. I was fade up by scrolling down all the issues that infertile women have. because I couldn’t suggest any solid solution. I can only give them some useful tips. but you give a surprising and informative news. I will try my best to convey this message to all. I was out of the scene for many days.…[Read more]

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    hello Emma James!!! I can imagine your situation. its the hardest time of life. a woman is considered incomplete without kids. kids make her life happy and full of joys. when a woman acknowledges her infertility news she becomes so upset. even she can’t die. because society will declare her a coward. such a lady who couldn’t face a situation.…[Read more]

  • beem12 replied to the topic A dark end in the forum Getting Started 5 years, 11 months ago

    emma James I can understand your desperation. It’s the hardest time for women. We have to control ourselves courageously. I know sometimes situations go wrong to the worst level. We lost our intentions. But we should keep calm. Because everything sets well after reaching the highest peak. Don’t be panic anymore about Adonis. At first, they rep…[Read more]

  • hey, that’s so nice. I can’t believe your post. well, Ukraine clinics are much popular in the world. anything can be accepted. In fact, they can do anything that they want. But what will I do there? I have started my treatment at lotus. Scenarios are such as I mailed them and they replied me back. they asked me for my reports. I also sent the…[Read more]

  • Hello, Sara Alston! We are absolutely fine. what’s about you? I am very disheartened to hear about your friend. I think to choose the best clinic for surrogacy is a very big task to do. I also heard many bad reviews from people about Adonis. I suggest you, dear, kindly investigate the clinic before visiting. One of my friends also had a bad e…[Read more]

  • wow, Chicago you have delivered me a great news. It really made my day. Fingers crossed for you. can you please tell me about their timings? Actually, I want to leave my country at the right time of her arrival. I am so excited to know about the cause of my infertility. I have visited many clinics and they charge me the heavy amount. In return, I…[Read more]

  • hey Victoria!!! It’s really nice to see you again over here. well, not a troublesome issue. as I am also caught in it. I am literally against of adoption. Adoption causes many problems after the baby has grown up. Especially when you adopt a baby from a nursery you don’t know where he belongs. When his parents come after that they began to show t…[Read more]

  • beem12 replied to the topic Hey in the forum Surrogacy Agencies 5 years, 11 months ago

    hey Julie Rivera!!! Well that’s good news. I also want to go there. I am planning to go there with my husband. So that they may check reports of both of us. Hopefully we will leave soon for London. As you know my husband didn’t allow me to go for surrogacy. he is against of this procedure. As they think it wastage of time as well as money. But I c…[Read more]

  • hey Alina. Good day too talks to you. I am really sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. Adonis had done so bad to you. it is a highly unprofessional way to deal with clients. They shouldn’t do so. Maybe some sort of misshapen happened to them. because I also mailed them. they replied me back after a day. But they don’t have an embassy in my…[Read more]

  • beem12 replied to the topic A warning in the forum Surrogacy Agencies 5 years, 11 months ago

    hello, Emma James!!! I read your whole post. I can understand your situation. That’s so bad. This is the deepest desire of every woman to be a mom once in her life. because children make parents relation strong. They bring happiness to their lives. Don’t be discourages due to their irresponsible behavior. They did what they want to do. Don’t ruin…[Read more]

  • hello Millan. It is really a critical issue. should be handled with some extra effort. Definitely, I shall help if I knew much about it. but bad luck is I didn’t know what I should say to you. I can give you a contact. A clinic is arranging an open house especially for infertile like us. I am planning to go there. If I wouldn’t like their eco…[Read more]

  • hey Milan. It’s a good example of strengthening the relations. This is the first post that I ever read since my joining. Well I don’t have sufficient knowledge about this matter. You can get better answers if you consult your queries with some experts. You can also consult it with Anastasia. She is coming on 18 91th of August. She is leading the…[Read more]

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    hey Emma James!!! It’s a bad story. I didn’t know about your MC. I am feeling so sorry when I come to know about your MC. Second your story of not getting reply is also depressing. A woman feels herself broken at these stages. I experienced my sister condition. When she had MC, it seemed like she was lying on bed deadly. No movement, no action eve…[Read more]

  • hey, that’s a good news. I also hear this before. I just want to confirm. now it is confirmed. its a great opportunity for women. I want to spread this news to every lady until the corner of the world. because whenever I read their emotional and painful stories I become sad. I want to do something. now I get a chance to convey this message to…[Read more]

  • hey, it seems to me so sad. I can imagine the worst conditions through which you are going through. it seems like life has just ended. I know it is such an awful feeling. say thanks to god that your husband is so supportive. he takes care of you. don’t be panic. it is the era of modernity. many clinics are just working in Ukraine. their success…[Read more]

  • hey, that’s a little bit sad really. it sounds very bad to hear about your miscarriages. these are really painful. and the most important thing is the clinic’s behavior. clinic think like we are garbage. we want to achieve best. but unfortunately, when we receive this reply we become fade up. a similar case happened to me.but my bad experience…[Read more]

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