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    Hello there. I’m married before one year ago. I’m infertile because of heart diseases. I’m the daily visitor of this forum. When, i hear the new of infetlity i’m so sad. But my husband can support me very well. Then, we decided to take a good treatment from clinic. Then, my relatives tell me about the Adonis clinic. That is near to my street. Then, we decided to take the treatment from this clinic. Then, we sent alot of emails and message. They didn’t reply us on a any single message. They cannot hear us. We become very disappointed. They we try to search another clinic. If anyone know about the clinic then mention the name of this clinic in my comments.


    I’m so sorry about your experience. Try to be brave. I know it is hard to cope up with such things when you’re already depressed. Same thing happened to me . I emailed Adonis but they gave me an automated reply . Then I emailed them that maybe it was some kind of mistake . But then they stopped replying . I used to email them daily cause I was desperate to get a child. But they didn’t even care to reply . I wish they get what they are doing to people like us . Stay strong ladies . Everything will work out for us. Don’t lose hope.

    Jessica fields

    I am sorry to hear this. Adonis is not good with replying, Their communication is well known to be flawed. I think it is for your own good. Imagine the horror. If you go there and start the process. Then they don’t reply you. It would be worse. I think it is good you didn’t get stuck. Now you can surely look for other clinics. You live in the vicinity. There is one amazing clinic here. I will get my hands on its name and let you know. I have heard great things about them. Their success rate is amazing. Their communication is great too.


    I’m so sorry about what happened to you. The administration of Adonis is so evil. They don’t care about the pain of infertile women. I emailed them too but gave up on them real soon . Cause I realised that they are scammers. But I must say shouldn’t treat their patients like that. I mean this is just ridiculous . They need to work in their administration otherwise they will be responsible about the circumstances. But stay strong ladies . Don’t lose hope . We will get through this . Much love and support to your way. Hoping everything will be fine. Keep your heads up. Take care

    Julia Christine

    Hey Alina! I really felt so sad to know about the situation you are dealing with. I know it’s tough. I think you should not go there. They are just here for the money. They don’t have any concern for someone life. I also heard so many bad reviews and experiences about them. I glad that could not be their victim. I think you should consult some clinics in Europe. Clinics are specialized there. I hope they would help you get put pf this situation.
    All my sympathies are with you.


    Hey Alina. How are you doing? I am really feeling very sorry for you. This is really insane. Hurting the emotions of an infertile couple is no more than a shameful thing. I think you should go to another clinic. One of my friends also had a very bad experience in Adonis clinic. But she did not give up and tried again in another clinic. Luckily her first IVF cycle got succeeded. And now she is a mother of the baby girl. Dear, don’t lose hope and try again.

    Martina John

    Dear Alina! I just read your post. I think you should not go there. You should get some suggestion through such forums before visiting them. I heard a lot of bad reviews about experiences about them. One of my friends had gone there for surrogacy. She had a worse experience there. She was saying that they are here just for the sake of money. They are unskilled and inexperienced. So never put your case at risk. Try to search for the best clinic for yourself. Wish you the best of luck.

    Sara Alston

    Hi Alina. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, my dear, I am really feeling very sorry for what you have to go through. Infertility is really the very difficult thing to get rid of. But it is necessary for you to move on. Because that bad experience will give you nothing. Adonis clinic was not the place for you. There are scam and fraud. So dear, move on and take a look at good clinics. Sending you positive vibes.


    Hey. Hope you are doing well. I am sorrowful for you. It is a veracity that they are unacceptable. They are negligent towards their work. I would suggest you go for surrogacy to Europe. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But, my husband was supportive enough to help me out. We both wanted a baby desperately. One of my colleagues suggested me go for surrogacy. Then we went to Europe for the matchless clinic. Now I have a baby. It feels really great. Best of luck.


    Hey there. How are you feeling? How are things going? I really hope the clinic has reached out to you. If not, then I am so sorry for this disappointing experience. Though do not lose hope. This is not the end of the road for you. Rather you have just entered your surrogacy journey. And this is just one of the clinics. There are so many all over the world nowadays. Do not let this one experience shape your future. I am sure you will find the best clinic for yourself. Even if does take some time. I am sure in the end it will all be worth it. Love and best wishes.


    I am so sorry Alina. This is so sad. I can totally relate buddy. I am also finding a good clinic. I am also a victim of A****s clinic. I have been facing infertility since last 10 years. Its so frustrating that I have tried every possible treatment but nothing worked. My uterus is not hospitable enough to support a pregnancy. My DH tried to convince me for adoption. But being an adopted child I wanted to have a biological child. Our doctors suggested us to go for surrogacy. Here in Ireland we dont have an affordably an good clinic. Many people told us that we should go to Ukraine as there treatment is inexpensive and of good quality. We kept emailing A****s clinic for weeks but didnt get a single response. Its quite unprofessional and I am very devastated by this behavior.


    Hey Alina, how are you doing? sorry to hear about your experience. I don’t know why they are doing this to everyone. I am also a victim of A****s clinic. I am an infertile. I am facing infertility from 5 years. doctors suggested us to look for other options. We decided to try surrogacy. We lived in japan. So we contacted them via email to get some info. we also mentioned it is a matter of urgency. But they didn’t respond. at first we thought they might be busy because of hectic schedule so we sent them several emails. We waited for a month but they didn’t bother to respond. We are angry and disappointed. After reading your experience i am glad we didn’t visit them in person. Such clinics should be exposed. So that others remain safe from them.

    lisa grey

    Hello Alina. I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. And that’s more painful that you also have heart diseases. I am so sorry about that. Yes, there are many women who are diagnosed with the worst thing of their lives that is infertility. I am very happy to see that your husband is really supportive. That’s really great that you decided to take treatment from a clinic. But why did you contact Adonis? They do not care about the feelings of a person battling with the problems of infertility. Their main purpose is just to make money. I have seen many couples who went to other clinics after contacting them. I suggest you do not contact them again. There are many other clinics which are giving the best results and providing the better facilities and the Adonis clinic. Do not contact them again. Best of luck for the future. Stay blessed.

    cardi c

    Dear alina
    I am so sorry Alina. This is so sad.Hope you are good. I am is also suffer from this kind of case. I am facing miscarriages. I was a infertile women. One of my friend suggest her A****s clinic. me and my husband go for to visit A****s clinic. but when we approach that clinic. there services are very poor.their staff talk in high tone.I am become very depressed.I ask her husband take her back to home.I am saying to my husband thea****s is most worst clinic.then we looking for good clinic. but I advised to you alina. don’t lose hope.god bless you.i pray for you.


    I am married for the second time at the age of 43. I knew all my complications about my previous pregnancies. So i told my husband everything about my issues. He said he is fine with my complications. Then we decided to have a baby via surrogacy. So we started looking for a clinic for surrogacy. We found clinic named lotus. The clinic has many promotions about its services but when we contacted the clinic. The clinic didn’t replied in a professional way. The clinic doesn’t mailed all the necessary info about the procedure. The clinic is not very good for its clients. The advertisments about the clinic are so attractive but a clinic is of no use if it doesn’t replies its clients. Beaware of lotus clinic. You will just waste your time on this clinic. Instead contact some good clinic. Be careful while choosing a good clinic.

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