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    Hey there. I’m 24 years old and married. Before my marriage doctors tell me that i’m suffering from infertility. I’m the daily visitor of this forum. This can help me alot. This can guide me in every step of my life. I’m infertile because concieve of heart diseases. Now the, i hear the A*****s clinic. Then next day i’ll visit it. Their staff are so dirty they can not watch the dirty chairs. Their doctors are also uneducated and not well. Their nurses don’t know how to talk with the patients. They cannot wash their hands after the check up of patients. They don’t know which medicines is given to which patient. Now, i want to suggest don’t visit this clinic anymore.


    I also tried IVF several times but it didn’t turned into a success for me. Also tried IUI but failed at IUI too. So i decided to go for surrogacy to have a baby. I live in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria surrogacy is not allowed. So me any my husband will soon move to some other country for surrogacy. We have heard Ukraine is very popular in this aspect. There are a number of clinics in Ukraine regarding surrogacy. My husband will soon take a break from his work and we will move to Ukraine. A clinic from Ukraine is arranging an event in UK. Where they will entertain all the questions from couples. They will also register some couples for treatments back at their clinic.
    Its been more than 10 years that i am trying to conceive. There is no such issue that i am infertile. I went through proper tests at different clinics. But the doctors can’t even find the reason behind my infertility, That is why now we have decided to go for surrogacy.
    Wish your friend very good luck again.


    Hey Alina, how are you doing? sorry to hear about your experience. I don’t know why they are doing this to everyone. I am also a victim of A****s clinic. I am an infertile. I am facing infertility from 5 years. doctors suggested us to look for other options. We decided to try surrogacy. We lived in japan. So we contacted them via email to get some info. we also mentioned it is a matter of urgency. But they didn’t respond. at first we thought they might be busy because of hectic schedule so we sent them several emails. We waited for a month but they didn’t bother to respond. We are angry and disappointed. After reading your experience i am glad we didn’t visit them in person. Such clinics should be exposed. So that others remain safe from them.


    Hello dear. I am sorry for what you are facing. But I hope you must be relaxed at the moment. I think you are talking about Adonis clinic. I also heard bad about this clinic. One of my colleagues visits their clinic. And she was so disappointed in the staff. I heard these type of reviews from a lot of people before. You should change your option. There is numerous clinic in the world. You must try any clinic in Eastern Europe. They have a high success rate of clinics in the world. Good luck.


    A friend has now suggested me to search for some international clinics that do not reside in our country.
    You should also visit a surrogacy related clinic.
    There are many good clinics for solution regarding miscarriages.
    I have recently found one situated in Ukraine.
    They have quite a costless package with all the facilities.
    I have had many treatments from many experts but they never turn out to work out for me the way I hope them to. I am 43, got married when I was 27.
    I guess surrogacy is the only solution to my problem.
    People have now told me about surrogacy and I am really thinking about going for it.
    I just need some guidelines as surrogacy is illegal in the state where I live and I am very scared.
    I just need to complete my life and my family before it is too late for me even to try.
    I think you should give it a try too because in my view it is quite a suitable procedure for women of our age
    I have pregnancy issue and complications from the past 10 years and I still am childless as I have always been.
    There must be some way to carry out everything legally, right?
    It is very difficult at times to handle the loneliness and the depression but there are always friends and family to make me feel better.
    One thing that I am very thankful for is that I never lose hope.


    hey, that’s a very bad news. you have given. it’s very hard to know, that you are feeling infertility. and this would be very hard for you to accept the reality. that you have been diagnosed with infertility before your marriage. well, that’s a good thing that you haven’t sit with empty handed. you know, your words show that you have the spirit to fight this curse. I’m really inspired by you. and I know you will get success after a great struggle. I’m glad that you know the reality of adonis clinic. it’s not only adonis clinic.there is another clinic, called Lotus.both the clinics are very bad. people say that they are scammers. they only loot people. I think sometimes that isn’t they are human’s. why they do this? did money is important than a human life. there are many cases, in which the patient died there. whereas you have done a great job. by spreading awareness against them. these criminals of humanity should be behind the bars.


    Surrogacy is ban in Japan. I’m new here.I’m from Japan.We moved to Europe to find our heaven. And i’m infertile due to some cancer reasons. So we moved to Europe to find surrogacy related clinics. We consulted many clinics in Europe. Than we came to know about clinics in Ukraine and we moved to Ukraine.
    In ukraine we found a very good clinic. But there are also fake clincs like adinos there. Which are wasting the time of infertile couples.
    Now we are having twins with the help of this clinic.The clinic gave us a very good surrogate mom.With the help of that mom we are having our two twin daughters.
    We are so excited and happy.
    Feedback and suggestions much admired.


    I hope you are doing great. Sorry to hear about your infertility. This is the worst thing that happens to a woman. It destroys her from inside. Every woman has a natural desire to become a mother. It is the most beautiful phase of her life. One who faces infertility it is really devastating for her. We are on the same boat dear. I also faced infertility. I saved three miscarriages after my marriage. The doctors asked me that I can never become a mother. I decided to go for surrogacy. I searched for good clinics on the internet. It was my bad luck that I came to know about clinic audonis. I was really happy that I got a clinic for my treatment But they disappointed so much. I tried to reach them in any way. They did not respond to me at all. I sent them many emails but they did not reply me even a single time. I got more depressed with their behavior. I would aware all of you. Keep away from this kind of sick clinics. I wish you all the best.


    Hey! Hope you all are doing good! Infertility is a curse and can be cured early. I had also been a victim of such clinic name A****s. I don’t know why are they doing this to all their customers. I and my friends both are facing their this behaviour. We both are so disappointed. We have emailed them as we live here in Spain and asked for an appointment to meet them. We are highly upset with infertility. They didn’t reply us for our emails. People like us who are eagerly want to get rid of this curse, trust easily to fake clinics. They put very good things on social media to attract people. They are just useless. These kinds of clinics must be exposed. So that other people can remain safe. They are just labelling themselves that they are a well-reputed clinics.

    Jessica fields

    This sounds so horrible. I never thought this can happen. How are they even operating still? Shouldn’t there be a case against them? If I were at your place I would have definitely filed a case against them. Anyhow, I feel bad for you. All your hopes got crushed. I have a suggestion for you. There is this amazing clinic in Europe. I think the same city too. You can check them out. They are the best in entire Europe. My neighbor went there. She has been praising them a lot. Their professionalism and their environment.

    Luna John

    Hey Aline! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I think you should not go there. I also heard so many bad reviews and experiences about them. They are looting people in this field. But never lose hope. There is a clinic in Europe. I had my surrogacy from there. Without their help, I could not even imagine having my own baby. I think you should consult them. They are specialized for such treatments. They have very low cost as compared with any other infertility center. I hope they will be satisfied with them.
    My sympathies

    Lucy jones

    oh dear. that is so bad. I mean how can they do this. very bad it is. how can somebody to a clinic that is so unhygienic? I’m really disappointed. thank you for telling this. I had an issue too. they did not respond to me at all. but thanks lord. I got saved. I didn’t go there. you should spread this. people should be knowing this. thankyou. I hope you find a good clinic. best of luck. so sorry you had to go through many experiences. bye.

    Farah Smith

    Hi, there am really sorry to know about what you had faced. Life is the name of ups and Downs. Things sometimes didn’t work in our favor. But we need to be brave enough to face these issue. Some clinics are really ruining the reputation of the good clinic is very important. Well, ladies who are facing these issues please be careful. Well, I would suggest you people about a Clinic in Europe which is very prominent in this regard. People all over the world visit them. They are very professional and trustworthy. Please you should visit them instead to these scammers


    hey Alina. Good day too talks to you. I am really sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. Adonis had done so bad to you. it is a highly unprofessional way to deal with clients. They shouldn’t do so. Maybe some sort of misshapen happened to them. because I also mailed them. they replied me back after a day. But they don’t have an embassy in my country. wait for some time. they denied me to offer their services at the end. That’s really bad.


    Hello Dear! I hope you are fine. Feeling sorry to hear about your problem. You are facing such a tough time. I have sympathy for you. Infertility is such a curse. Unfortunately, you are facing hope. Do not lose hope. This is not the end of life. I had also bad experience with L***s clinic. This clinic has ruined my life in all the ways. I am just of no use now. They have removed my uterus by saying some surgery thing. Please help me with suggestions. I am really sad and worried. Please recommend me some good clinics.

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