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    Hi! I guess that you are in better condition now. I understand your condition dear. The only thing that you need now is patience and courage. Try to look forward. You have to search new clinic. The Lotus clinic is the cheapest clinic in the field of surrogacy and IVF. My friend’s sister had the worst experience with Lotus clinic. She was infertile. She went to Lotus for surrogacy. Because her husband warned him that he will give divorce to him if there will be no baby for 2 years from now. So she contacted Lotus clinic. The procedure started perfectly. Everything went cool. But after two months they will change the location of their office and did not update their location. She tried her best to find the location of the clinic. But at last, she went depressed. But I recommend him to go to the clinic in Europe. So she joined that clinic. And now she is the mother of two twin baby girls. Seriously clinic like Lotus does not have any idea that how the patient will manage him in that tough condition. I personally also recommend you and all infertile ladies here to go for the clinic that is located in Europe. Please be careful of these cheap clinics. Best of luck to all infertile couples.

    Lucy jones

    hey hun. how are you doing? I’m so sorry you suffered from this. let me tell you a good news. my favorite clinics coming to London. their open days are happening. expert consultation will be provided. you can have shared your problems with the Head of Biotexcom clinic too. they are living all of us a great opportunity to help ourselves. I wish your infertility issues solved there. ill go. do see me is you go. lots of love. take care. bye.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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