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    Well. I want to share my cousin’s experience with you. That when she is suffering from infertility. There”s no clinic except of L****s clinic. That we supposed that we are lucky. But, when we visit the clinic. Their staff are very bad dirty. Doctors do not wash their hands after the check up’s of once patient. Then, we sharply go out from this clinic and never visit again.


    Hello. Expectation you are doing fine. I feel your dissatisfaction. Particularly when the center doesn’t react. I have had a similar involvement with A****s facility. Its like there are no other great facilities left. I attempted to get in contact with them. Nothing so far no reaction no nothing. I figure the most entertaining piece is false reverence. I mean you go to a site. You would expect otherwise.that all that development must be for something right. Turns out it’s only a major Hoax. it is simply miserable that is the thing that it is. I seek all goes well after you.

    Jessica fields

    I think the post is misleading. How is this possible that there is no other clinic. I think you need to ask for all the details. Please don’t spread negativity. The possibility is you don’t know every detail. I am saying this for a reason. I am not being rude. I am sorry if you don’t like my choice of words. The whole purpose is that people might get scared of all the clinic. Despite the fact that there are reliable clinics too. Take the clinic I am referred to for example. It is clean and hygienic. I had to travel to Europe. Though it was worth it. I am in touch with them and soon they will confirm my application. I can then have a surrogate baby.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hey, honey. I hope you’re alright. I had a similar experience with this clinic, though. It was the worst time of my life. They are a pathetic clinic. I can’t believe they are still scamming people. There should be some authority. They should close them down!

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hello, Meggy. I hope you’re doing alright. I had such a terrible experience with one of these clinics. They are all scams! I’m glad you made this post. It will hopefully warn the new IPs not to go for it. Keep up the good work!


    Oh, this is horrible! I feel so sad for your cousin. I hope she is well. This can be really upsetting. I have lately been reading so many negative comments about this clinic. It is truly upsetting. My suggestion to your cousin would be to not give up. I know this is a really difficult situation to get out of. However, losing hope shouldn’t be an option. She should research properly about a clinic and visit them. Reading the reviews about the clinic is really important. Also, make sure that the clinic has a high success rate. Good luck to her. I hope she is soon able to conceive. Just ask her to remain positive.

    Iris Watson

    Such clinics should be banned. I think a clinic should also be aware of all ethical, legal and hygienic terms. and they must take care about all these terms with treatments. Highly professional and experienced doctors are needed for this purpose. And the staff should be well trained as well. They should know how to treat their clients also. I have had a worst experience with a clinic A****s recently. I contacted them in order to know the policies and packages of the clinic. And i waited for their response for more than two months. But they didn’t even bother to reply. I used to email them daily. They shattered my hopes so bad.


    I had no idea that such clinics also exist until i had an experience with a clinic. I had to contact a clinic regarding my surrogacy. I searched for different clinics regarding infertility treatments. I clinic L***s came at top of the list. The clinic had many advertisements about its services.They showed that they had a responsive team for the help of clients. But the clinic had no team to reply to its clients.I emailed the clinic the clinic didn’t replied. Be aware of that clinic.

    Nelly Kom

    I’m sorry to read about your cousin’s experience. This is so unbelievable. We count on the clinic that it will take care of us and sort out our difficulties. But nowadays, it seems like nobody cares for you genuinely, everything is just about the money. Reading bad experiences of people on different forums is just making me sad and highly demotivated. I’m afraid of contacting a clinic now. I don’t know what it will turn out to be. I’ve faced failures all my life, I can’t bear any more failures. Anyway, I’m thankful to you for sharing this information with us. It is essential for everyone to know this and beware of this clinic. Infertility is getting common which is why such clinics are arising just to use the infertile people for money. My friend also mentioned this clinic, I think I should call her up and tell her about your cousin’s experience. I can’t let this happen to her. I wish that your cousin never has to face this situation again. Lots of love and prayers for her!

    Leslie Adams

    Oh, dear. I am very sorry to hear this. This is a horrible experience. Your cousin shouldn’t have gone through this. L***s has a reputation of doing this to their clients. They don’t treat them well. A lot of people have similar complaints. Their staff isn’t good. The environment is unhygienic. They don’t respond to emails. They don’t take the calls. This is unacceptable coming from a surrogacy clinic. They need to stop doing this. Or else their name will go down the drain. Hope they grab some senses from this!

    Jess bling

    This is sad. How is your cousin now? I happened to go on a trip to Europe with my three friends. It was there when I found out that one of my had a female doctor friend. She knew about the infertility treatment that this famous clinic provides. She told me that it is affordable. She also mentioned the hygiene and reliability of it. My sister’s sister in law is infertile. She told me to ask about more details. If you want to know to feel free to message me. I will share the details privately. As she calls it a “well-known” clinic in Europe. It happened to be true. I will suggest you research on the clinics before you step there. I hope I was helpful.


    hello, I hope you are doing well. I’m quite shocked to know about your story. Well, times like these are temporary. do not lose hope and courage. If months can pass by so quick, from January to December. So shall your problems too will be gone.


    This is really embarrassing. But it is good in a sense that you have been saved from major loss. Although there are many bad clinics. But luckily, my aunt found a very good clinic for her surrogacy journey. The clinical staff is very well mannered. Also, their behaviour is very good with the patients. I myself visited their clinic with her. And I am personally very satisfied with their facilities. Let’s hope that things will work for her now. And I think you should persuade your cousin to go for another try. May be this time she had a successful treatment.

    Lucy jones

    oh dear. I hope you get a good clinic. thanks, for making everyone beware of hem. I’m in contact with one. they are so nice. they are prompt in their response. I m planning to go for surrogacy. wish us luck.


    Hi, I am so sorry. You had a very bad experience. I think hygiene matters a lot. Doctors should take care of hygiene. This may cause many diseases in other patients too. I am sad that such unskilled people call themselves doctors. They don’t even know why they do it. Sometimes some people do it only for their personal benefits. They need to stop this. It is a matter of life. They are taking it as a joke. They should value the people. Secondly, I think we should be aware of them. We should share such experience with others so that we can stop people from going there. I hope this will help us and the people who we really care about.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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