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    Kelly, stop worrying. Start making decisions already. You should keep in mind the pros and cons of both things. I went for surrogacy because it was a better option for me. Otherwise, you can also opt for IVF. That depends on your condition. It was a good decision. The doctors helped me very well in every step. I was super cautious with the…[Read more]

  • I can only hope that you went to the right clinic later. This forum has helped me too. I do not know if traditional will be a better option for anyone. Good luck though. Share the news as well. Will be waiting to know more from you. May the odds be in your favor.

  • This is disturbing. You need to take care of yourself. What if this has a low success rate. You can still become a mom. Go for surrogacy dear. It has cost but it will definitely give a baby. Everything comes with a price.

  • This is important. This information is much needed for children. The children should not be kept in dark like this. Also, it will help them beforehand. This will let them prepare their mind. They would be able to make an attachment with the parents. This will help them make a stronger bond. This bond is really important for the children. Thanks…[Read more]

  • My daughter makes me go snatch my hair. I go crazy after her. I know all the kids are like this. I do not watch tv in front of her. Though I watch all her actions. She is active in learning. A drama queen. lol

  • Congratulations! You are one of the luckiest people. Was it a boy or a girl? My doctor told me that the surrogacy can have more chances of twins than in a normal pregnancy. I am glad I came here today. It is really inspiring to know that surrogacy has been once again successful. Tell me more about your story. It must be hard to take a decision.…[Read more]

  • I got the news of infertility a year ago. I have been trying this treatment of IVF. The clinic is based in Europe. I have been there for a year now. I used their accommodation. It failed one time. I am waiting for the second’s result.

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    Hey, don’t worry. Honey, you surely can become a mother. You can have your baby. You can go for surrogacy. I had a miscarriage while traveling. I know doctors suggest not to travel with this state. Doctors told me that I had cancer. The reason they told was this for my miscarriage. I was empty. My husband also cheated on me. I think it was the…[Read more]

  • I truly admire your effort. All this added to my knowledge. One of my friends is suffering from stage three cancer. It is not advisable for her to get pregnant. Though she wants to have a baby. I recommended her Surrogacy. She is in touch with a clinic in Europe. I will tell her about these things too.

  • This is sad. How is your cousin now? I happened to go on a trip to Europe with my three friends. It was there when I found out that one of my had a female doctor friend. She knew about the infertility treatment that this famous clinic provides. She told me that it is affordable. She also mentioned the hygiene and reliability of it. My sister’s…[Read more]

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    Diana first of all, it is not hard. It is possible with infertility treatments. If you go to Inexpensive treatment. Then you should pack for Europe. It has a well-known clinic. That is reliable. Plus I had experienced them, It is worth giving them a chance.

  • Hello, Victoria. I am so sorry about your friend. It is saddening. Tell me what is she planning next? My friend is a doctor. She told me about a good clinic in Europe. I am also trying to conceive. I have not gone there yet. I am planning on sharing my experience. Once I pay them a visit. She calls it highly reliable. I do not know personally. Her…[Read more]

  • I agree with you. Surrogacy has been the last resort for many. All those returning without hope from other procedures go for surrogacy. This is something that has a fair shot for you. It gets you a baby for sure. I am glad you find your happiness. I wish the same for every IP out there.

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    Honey, your doctor is right. At least wait for a year before getting upset. These things do take time. It depends on an individual.Some couples can conceive immediately. While others have to wait years.I’d suggest just wait for few more months. Meanwhile, keep track of your ovulation days. Try on each ovulation day.You never know when luck hits…[Read more]

  • Aww, I am glad you got your happiness. This post was indeed informative. I am also looking for options.All the success stories motivate me further. I have decided to connect with a clinic for surrogacy. I hope everything goes well.Do pray for me too.

  • Money can be an important factor.I don’t believe it can be the only factor. I was financially stable but not like in a very good position. My infertility lead us with no baby. My husband wanted to go for IVF or surrogacy. I was reluctant. I didn’t wanna waste his hard earned money. What if there were zero results? He convinced me somehow for IVF.…[Read more]

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    I am shocked to read your story. Fertility does run in your family. See it is fine that you wanna try again. I am glad you have a cooperative doctor now. It is essential to get guidance on the rath path. I hope everything goes in your favor.Personally, I think I might be dangerous to carry a baby. You might be able to get pregnant but carrying it…[Read more]

  • I second your thoughts, Gina! I believe too that a surrogate strives to give you the best gift.She goes through unbearable pain for 9 months. The delivery and labor are added to it further. No money in the world can repay this effort.One can never repay a surrogate mother ever.Now, people argue that they charge so much.Well as I said earlier,…[Read more]

  • It is great to see that those benefiting from these treatments come up and share experiences. It surely helps others. It gives them hope and positivity. I will love to hear your experience. My sister is thinking about IVF or surrogacy. Your output will be appreciated. How much did it cost you? How was the clinic? Most importantly where was it?…[Read more]

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