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    A medical home combines place, process, and people. The primary health care professional can help the family and patient access and coordinate specialty care, other health care services, educational services, in and out of home care, family support, and other public and private community services that are important to the overall health of the child and family.
    Families are much more than groups of individuals. They have their own goals and aspirations. They also are places where every child and adult should feel that he or she is special and be encouraged to pursue his or her own dreams; a place where everyone’s in¬dividuality is permitted to flourish. Parenting has become much more difficult in this day and age. The options for childcare are vast. Choosing the right childcare option for you and your family can be a difficult decision. In addition, technology advances has increased the reach of media ten-fold. Monitoring your children’s TV and Internet usage could be a full-time job. Learn what parents can do to keep children safe will at work and at play.


    That’s such a wonderful post. Each and every detail of the family are mentioned there. I am really very impressed by this post. Yes, you are right it’s difficult to be a parent. You should be very careful about everything. What your children are watching daily that’s should be under your notice. The Internet has some benefits. It has some disadvantages also. It is affecting our the youth. So be very careful about it. You post shows that you have done a lot of research on it. That’s a wonderful thing. It will give awareness to many people. Thanks for sharing. Wish you best of luck

    Jessica fields

    A well-constructed post. It was required. Raising children has indeed become a challenge. I have a daughter and it is so difficult to keep her on tracks. She always wants more. She has become really naughty. God knows how will I tackle her.


    Much thanks to you for offering your experience to us. Many individuals will profit by this. I hope an ever-increasing number of individuals think about it. I wish you bliss! Much love.

    Jess bling

    My daughter makes me go snatch my hair. I go crazy after her. I know all the kids are like this. I do not watch tv in front of her. Though I watch all her actions. She is active in learning. A drama queen. lol

    Joanne Silvia

    Hey, Milan. I hope you’re alright. This was a fantastic post. I love how you care so much about everyone! It’s really nice of you. I admire you! And, your advice is always spot on. Keep up the great work.

    Lauren Rhoades

    Such an informative post. You’re absolutely spot on. It’s so important to have families. And, for a family, it’s so important to defeat infertility. Thank you for this post. I’m glad you made this post. Keep up the superb work.

    Leslie Adams

    Greetings, Milan. How are you doing? I hope you’re doing fine. You are absolutely correct. Children need the exposure to surrogacy. So that they can grow with this mindset. This is absolutely necessary to make it a norm. Surrogacy needs to expand more. Children are the pillars of the new generation. And for the new generation to accept it, we need to start teaching them about it. It’s the best way available. It always begins at home. Let’s pray for a better future. May we don’t have to live with infertility again. Amen!

    Sarah Williams

    Very well explained the idea of it. Well, yes! I completely agree. It’s very important! I also believe in this, personally I’m also trying to become a mother to complete our family. So, yeah! Post is RELATE-ABLE to me.

    Farah Smith

    This is such an amazing post. Every parent should read this. I will send this to my family group too. Parents need to know the feelings of their kids. Giving birth is easy but educating your child is difficult. Keeping your children on track is very important. Parents need to give quality time to their children. Keep on sharing such things with us. God bless you.


    This is really a good post. You have explained each and everything. It is a really impressive post. Yes, sometimes it is hard to become a parent. A proper care should be taken about everything. Every child has their own activities. If one wants to be a parent then they should have proper knowledge that how to raise children. This notice should be taken by parents. Raising children has become a challenge. Your post shows that you have done a lot of research. So I think it should be enough for you to be careful. It is a really wonderful thing. It will aware people. I think proper care should be taken because to become a parent is a precious thing. I hope it would help you.


    You have known about everything. It is a really wonderful post. It is hard to become a parent sometimes. Parents should be aware of everything. Every child has their own hobbies they adopt. To be a parent is not easy, they should know what are the requirements to be a good parent. This notice should be taken by parents. Raising children is now a bit difficult. Well, your post shows that you have a lot of knowledge. So I think it should be enough for you to be careful. It is a really wonderful thing. It will aware people. I think proper care should be taken because to become a parent is a wonderful feeling. I wish that you get what you wanted. My best wishes are with you.


    Hello Milan, I hope you are doing fine. I’m really impressed by the topic you just discussed. It is really important for all of us to understand the value of living with a family. Every single woman dreams of having her own complete family. It is such a beautiful aspect. I appreciate it. Children must know how to live with a family. Stay blessed!

    sarah agnis

    I really like the way you have summed up this post. It’s very impressive. It is likely that you should also convey the importance of family. When there are people out there who do not have the privilege of having one. At one point parents complaining about their children. At other those who are yearning to have even a single child. Its just about how you perceive things.


    Hey, Milan. Hope you are doing good. Your post is full of emotions. You have explained the life of a family very well. You have done a good research I think. Or you have observed all this at your home. I agree with the point which you have mentioned that parenting is very difficult nowadays. Parenting is replete with the odds. A tangible effort is mandatory in bringing up children. Great prowess is needed for this. The real triumph of parents is when they get satisfied that their children are perseverance and chaste. Impediment from uneligible things is a must. I wish that every single woman on this earth get the happiness of babies. And they bring up an Altruistic child. So that he will also be beneficial for our earth.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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