• For couples who are aspiring to have their own child, surrogacy is a great option as they will have a baby that will be biologically theirs. Many childless couples opt for adoption, but then they have to ensure that the history of the child is good and will suit them or else there can be issues between them and the child. Such issues can be…[Read more]

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    Yes, I am so happy that they will be in London. It is surely a golden chance. The advantages of surrogacy for intended parents may differ based on different situations, so it’s best that all intended parents speak in detail about their decision with a surrogacy specialist to decide whether this process is right for them. Surrogacy allows those w…[Read more]

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    Many people have been complaining about that clinic dear. So I do understand where your anger comes from. However, surrogacy is such a satisfying experience. Intended parents are able to be a part of every milestone of their surrogate pregnancy, from embryo transfer to their child’s birth. This way, intended parents can experience the pregnancy p…[Read more]

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    I have been through surrogacy with them. I am now a proud mother. If you’re an intended parent considering surrogacy, you may wonder what the advantages of surrogacy are when you have other methods of becoming a family (for example, through adoption). However, for all intended parents, there is the overwhelming advantage that other methods may n…[Read more]

  • Many couples turn to surrogacy when they feel like they have no other options. Others turn to surrogacy because they are simply tired of the painful reproductive procedures they must endure in an attempt to have a child. With the right surrogate, a healthy child can be brought into a loving family, but for a price. If you’re willing to pay that p…[Read more]

  • Couples struggle to conceive a child. For other couples, it is physically impossible for them to have children at all. Rather than struggle with the costs and painful procedures that reproductive treatments can bring, more couples than ever before are opting toward surrogacy. The primary benefit of surrogacy is that it is often more successful…[Read more]

  • Surrogate motherhood is not without controversy, with people having strong beliefs on both sides of the issue. There are benefits of choosing surrogacy, and it fits the personal style of many women. If you fit the criteria for becoming a surrogate mother, you might explore the positive aspects of surrogacy. Helping others can be a powerful…[Read more]

  • Am sorry for the miscarriages. Surrogacy provides IPs with the unique opportunity to start a family regardless of if they are struggling with infertility or cannot conceive on their own. IPs have access to competent professionals, knowledgeable attorneys, and authoritative agencies such as Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists to guide them every step…[Read more]

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    When dealing with the emotions of infertility, many people think, “If I could just get pregnant, I’d be happy.” Except it doesn’t quite work like that. It is completely normal to feel happy and nervous when you get pregnancy news. Also, pregnancy and postpartum depression are more frequent in women who have struggled to conceive. This may be part…[Read more]

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    My heartfelt congratulations. The dilemma looms of when to announce a pregnancy to family, friends and employers. Early disclosure in the past may have triggered painful situations if a miscarriage occurred. Pregnancy after infertility may be further complicated by preexisting conditions related to the infertility diagnosis or related to the…[Read more]

  • I am so sorry for the miscarriages. Others might try to make quick choices for you; instead, use others to help you figure out what option is best for you. Protect yourself by avoiding situations that you know will be difficult. Set realistic goals for yourself. For example, focus on coping throughout each day rather than the entire week. Take…[Read more]

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    Depression after miscarriage is a normal reaction to the tragic event. The loss of your child touches on the very core of your humanity – being a mother – and the overwhelming sadness can make it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. In fact, psychologists and psychiatrists will advise against suppression of sadness in mothers-to-be who…[Read more]

  • I think she should resort for surrogacy. In countries and states that support commercial surrogacy, gestational carriers are compensated for their time and risk. Approximately $39,450 to $52,450 is paid to the surrogate, although this figure can vary depending on a couple factors, namely the type of pregnancy and the number of previous…[Read more]

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    Everybody has been complaining about that clinic. I think you should opt for Bio tex. They are just the best. Surrogacy is a blessing to the infertile couples. Surrogacy is fulfilling, for both the parents as well as the surrogate. For the parents, the feeling is a sense of completeness from a new family member. For the surrogate, the feeling is…[Read more]

  • Surrogacy means something different to each person it touches. For intended parents, it is the chance to finally complete their family and realize their dreams of parenthood. For surrogates, it is the chance of a lifetime to give selflessly to another family who needs them. For both parties, surrogacy is an extraordinary journey and a deeply…[Read more]

  • Surrogacy allows infertile couples, single people and members of the LGBT community to become parents when they may not be able to have children otherwise. In most cases, gestational surrogacy allows one or both parents to be biologically related to their child. Surrogacy gives hopeful parents the opportunity to raise a child from birth. Intended…[Read more]

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    I ma so sorry for the disappointments dear. You are not the first person to complain about the clinic. I think you should try out Bio tex. Surrogacy is surely a fulfilling experience and no clinic should disappoint you in that. Intended parents are often able to be involved in their surrogate’s pregnancy, attending key appointments and being p…[Read more]

  • I think you should go for surrogacy. However, the hundreds of families who have completed the surrogacy process will assure you that the pros of surrogacy extend far beyond that. Here are just a few of the advantages of surrogacy for intended parents. Surrogacy completes families. For those who have struggled with infertility, LGBT couples, and…[Read more]

  • I have also been through surrogacy in the same clinic. Surrogacy is a rewarding gift. Most women who choose surrogacy do so to give back to another family. It takes a special, compassionate person to become a surrogate. A surrogate can walk away from the experience with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction that they were able to help another…[Read more]

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    It can be difficult drawing a clear line in the sand to differentiate a mild depression after miscarriage and clinical depression. Both have similar symptoms of persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness; of irritability and restlessness; of loss of interest in activities; of negative changes in patterns of sleep, appetite and…[Read more]

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