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    Surrogacy’s benefits for intended parents are clear. These couples and individuals are finally able to add to their families. Often after years of trying and hoping for success. But what are the benefits of surrogacy for the women who help them achieve this goal? Every surrogacy is different. And each surrogate may walk away from her experience with different benefits and rewards. However, each surrogacy is life-changing. And there is something to be gained from every journey. Surrogacy can be a physically and emotionally demanding experience. And it takes a special person to be a surrogate for another family. However, the women who choose surrogacy agree that seeing a completed family at the end of their journey is the ultimate reward that makes it all worth it. There are many factors to consider before pursuing surrogacy. And it is not right for everyone. The intended parents and surrogates who choose surrogacy find that the positives far outweigh the negatives. And it is a rewarding experience that deeply enriches the lives of everyone it touches.


    Surrogacy experiences are different for every couple.And the experience of a surrogate is also different which varies from couple to couple.
    I guess surrogacy is the last option for me now to have baby of our own.
    I have contacted many surrogacy related clinics and had gathered quite good info about surrogacy.
    I also contacted some surrogates who are willing to cary our child in their womb.
    I know today surrogacy is a common thing but i am worried about many aspects of having a baby via surrogacy.
    I guess we will find a surrogate wth the help of clinic we are consulting.
    I am married for second time i want to have baby of my own to live with.
    We have consulted a clinic also.
    Although clinic has many surrogates working with it but we want a good surrogate to carry our child.
    If someone has some experience regarding surrogacy please do share your experience with us.

    Jessica fields

    Such an informative post this is. I am sure many people will get benefit from this. Awareness about these is very important.I have seen that most people dont know about the whole procedure. This is the reason they stay depressed for so long. You have done great work, honey. I appreciate that.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hello there. Loved to hear your take on surrogacy. Just like most new things, it has people divided on it. People would give all kinds of various takes on it. It is alright to have a difference of opinion. However, I believe the most important thing is live and let live. If a person doesn’t want to try it, they shouldn’t, but why blame people for trying it? It’s also great to see your take on the other side of surrogacy. I think the financial factor is really important. It’s a highly paid job. And why wouldn’t it be? Some genuine people actually do it only to help out others, which is incredible, as well. All in all, I think it’s a blessing. Thank you for this post. Hope it clears up people’s doubts regarding surrogacy.


    I’m sharing my journey of Surrogacy with you.
    I’m basically from Japan we are settled in Japan from past few years.We are happily married.I’m totally infertile now as i had hysterectomy cancer and as i result i am infertile now. But my husband was there with me every time. Than we searched about surrogacy and found it best solution for us.
    As Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe to find our dream come true.Than we moved to Ukraine as we heard there are many good clinics regarding surrogacy in Ukraine.In Ukraine we found BioTexCom and consulted them.They helped us to find a good surrogate mom.Now she is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited about having two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.The surrogates mom are kind they let us have our dream come true.
    Share your stories too


    Medical science has done miracles for those who are deprived of the happiness at all levels. No matter what causes of the infertility you are facing, there are multiple options to resolve this problem. One answer to this question is the surrogacy. Despite several critical reviews and criticism, surrogacy is a great option. It has gifted number of infrtile couples with the beautiful blessing of parenthood. It is not merely the process but it is actually the gift of medical science for those who have lost all the hope to become the parents. The process has even made it possible for the gay couples to have a baby of their own. It is an effective way of building a genetic relation with the baby that is not coming in the world in a genetic manner. It bonds the people into a strong bons that lasts even after the process is over. From among the other fertility procedures it is the most beneficial and the most effective way that does not need much of the money. The success rate is even higher than the other procedures. From all of these benefits the most outstanding and the worth praising benefit is that it giives the hopeless the hope to survive and move ahead. The medical science has really done miracles for the IPs. Surrogacy is the miracle maker.


    I feel like God told me yesterday that my husband and I would be blessed with another child (our daughter is 4 and a half now) and He was healing my womb (unexplained infertility). I do struggle with this journey, especially as I approach my 35th birthday in less than 2 months. I have cried time and again for several years, begged, pleaded, been angry, depressed, confused, and honestly I have felt forgotten by God. Thank you for sharing this. I don’t guess I have any questions. Just thank you. I have never felt more alone in life as I have in my infertility. You sharing does help. Thank you


    Finally a positive post about it. Surrogacy has been receiving some hate lately. I don’t know why. Some people have been saying that it’s just not ethical. How is that? I have a baby through surrogacy. We even flew abroad for it. I say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


    Hey!!! such an informative post. It is really concerning post to the couples who are thinking about surrogacy. Well, surrogacy is the last option to have a baby of your own. To every person, it has a different experience. Surrogacy is really a devoted service to infertile couples. There is nothing more precious gift than having babies your own. Many couples leave surrogacy only to that issue, maybe the surrogate did not give the baby to them after delivery. They have many fears and prohibit surrogacy. Some people think that surrogate baby is not your own baby. how is this possible when sperm and eggs are the related parents. There is an important role of surrogate mothers as well. they devote their selves to the other Family. I really want appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing it.


    Love this thread. It explains my experience perfectly. I had a really good time with it. I thought my dreams of becoming a mother were crushed. THen I encountered this option. It’s blessed me in the best way. My little girl is so healthy and adorable. I can’t be thankful enough for her. Surrogacy is opening up gates for so many!


    I agree! each surrogacy is life changing.
    Though this is a long-term journey. But ends up on positivity and blessed parenthood.
    You would probably find so much false talk that goes on each day regarding surrogacy.
    But if you would ask the infertile individuals you would understand why they consider this procedure.
    It is so easy to say sympathetic words to those who suffer.
    But it’s quite hard to walk in their shoes.That’s what each one has to understand,
    There might be certain complications at the beginning.
    but I could assure you that you would have a blissful end.


    Trisha, you have written well and this post is so much enlightening. Surrogacy has given so much to the people, a family, grandchildren, and siblings. And surrogate mothers are not more than a miracle who land into the lives of infertile couples like a magic fairy. I love your post and others who are confused about it will definitely help.


    Hey there Trisha. I hope you are doing great. I totally agree on this with you. I know about surrogacy. I know how great of a choice it is. Surrogates are totally selfless. They risk their lives. I wish everyone good luck involved with it. Take care.


    Surrogacy gives hopeful parents the opportunity to raise a child from birth. Intended parents are involved throughout the pregnancy experience and are generally able to be present for many key milestones. From the 12 week scan to their baby’s birth. Surrogacy gives intended parents the opportunity to know and form a special bond with their surrogate. Intended parents may face fewer restrictions with surrogacy than with adoption. Those who cannot adopt due to agency restrictions on factors like age can still pursue surrogacy. While surrogacy is not without its challenges for intended parents. It is often the answer to years of hard work and frustration for hopeful couples and individuals who have tried unsuccessfully to add to their families. The advantages of surrogacy are clear to the hundreds of families who have been created in this special way.


    Hi. Just wanted to learn about your journey of surrogacy. Many people oppose surrogacy as it’s unnatural method to have kids. So, people have different opinions about it. But we should respect everyone’s POV either we agree or not. We should make our research more clear about this. No one has any rights to criticize anyone who had surrogacy? I’m glad to read your views on surrogacy. Financial factors have deep impacts on it. It’s a generously compensated activity. What’s more, is there any valid reason why people should not practice it? Some individuals had surrogacy treatments just to inspire and motivate others. Seriously, surrogacy is the great gift. Much thanks to you for this post. I just hope that it has cleared peoples doubts about surrogacy.

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