• Surrogacy or adoption, this question surprises many IPs. It is difficult to decide. In adoption the parents to be haveno link with the child. In surrogacy at least there is some linkage with the childin the womb of the surrogate. If you can afford some extra bucks then surrogacy can be of real help. The adoption can have legal compications. The…[Read more]

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    It is great to know that you want to go surrogacy. Surrogacy is becoming really popular. It is not just popular among the infertile but also popular among the IPs and the single parents. A third party or a surrogate holds the baby for the mom intended. Her womb holds the happiness for those who have lost everything. It is the representative of the…[Read more]

  • Thanks Tiffany for sharing this awesome post. I am the lucky one to go for surrogacy soon. I am positive that things will absolutely change for me. I am a TTC for last few years. It was a hard time for me. I felt very bad until I learned about surrogacy. You are right about the legal matters. It is very important to take care of all the contracts…[Read more]

  • It is really sorry to hear about your grief. Nothing is more killing and frustrating for anyone than the pain of being infertile. Infertility is not just the lack of conceiving or becoming parent it is the lack of staying happy. A parent has so many delightful moments. Once a couple enters into a relationship their foremost dream is to have a…[Read more]

  • Yesterday I got a message from my friend in London. She was super excited. Her words told that how she was feeling. Actually she is infertile for years. She is a happily married lady. She is currently facing infertility. Because of being an optimistic lady she looks for the positive side of the life. She decided to fight the infertility. She was…[Read more]

  • I am really having goosebumps writing this. When I read this great news I was really amazed. It is really great to have such occassions. They are rare moments. They can change the life. These moments can make the lives meaningful. I am taling about nothing else but the open house session by Biotex. This Ukraine based clinic has earned a great…[Read more]

  • Let me share the thoughts of my friend here. My lovely friend Elsa tried many fertility clinics in Europe. The procedures were too expensive. A relative of hers suggested her to find a clinic in the Eastern Europe. She contacted the clinic named Adonis. In first few emails they sounded very vigilant and dutiful. This trust took them to Adonis.…[Read more]

  • Technology is doing miracles. There are many clinics who are serving the humanity. They are blessing the infertile IPs, single parents and other similar deprived couples. Unfortuately, some clinics are messing up with the cause of extending the services. Instead of serving they are actually making the things worst. A neughbour of mine is fighting…[Read more]

  • So disgusting to learn such thing about a place that claims to be the best. It is to easy to say but too difficult to do it practically. Adonis is doing the same thing. Yiu are not the only sufferer. A friend of mine has experienced the same. Thanks God she didn’t waste money in going there. Her misery started as she contacted them. She wrote them…[Read more]

  • Sometimes the things are not what they appear to be. The reality is always different than the appearance. The same happens with everything in the life. It is sad what has happened with you. Being infertile is something else but suffering disappointment is really very different thing. It is more painful than the infertility itself. Unfortunately…[Read more]

  • Life after a miscarriage becomes too hard. You had to face all this multiple times. Despite all the stress and pain you fought it bravely. The most painful thing is the curse of infertility. It kills quicker than the miscarriages. Thanks to the changing world of technology. It has given great solutions to eveyone facing the challenges of…[Read more]

  • Fertility is a blessing. Getting the baby is the dream. It completes the family. It is the passion of every family. Even the single parents desire to have a blessing. In this dream of having the happiness fertility clinics play a vital role. They make the happiness possible. They make life of the infertile much easier. There are ample…[Read more]

  • It is not easy to become a surrogate. It is not just related to carrying a baby. A surrogate mother is putting her life in danger as well. Hence, it is very important to learn all the legal matters. The surrogate must remember that she has no right over the child. Legally the child belongs to the biological parents. The surrogate is legally…[Read more]

  • Surrogacy is a miracle treatment. It brings happiness to the lives of the gloomy and disappointed IPs. It is even helpful for the unisex and the single parents. Despite all its benefits, it has certain limitations. The most critical thing is the legal status of the process. Many states still don’t allow the process of surrogacy. Even if they allow…[Read more]

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    It is very important to learn about the procedure. IVF is a technical thing. It often fails when proper decisions are not taken beforehand. Instead of crying over spilled milk it is important that all measures should be taken beforehand. It is essential to learn about the procedure and the risks both. I wish all the IPs going for IVF a very good luck.

  • Many women going for IVF come to know after they are tested that they do not have healthy eggs. To complete the procedure they seek support from the donor with the healthy eggs. Help of a woman with healthy eggs is sought. She is the one who can share her healthy eggs. This healthy mom donates the egg or the oocytes. The eggs are separated from…[Read more]

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    It is so bad that you have fallen victim to Adonis too. I have read about so many similar cases. It shows how important it is to select the right clinic. The search is not very difficult. There are so many online sources available. You only need to be vigilant enough. Be careful and things will get easier for you.

  • Science has changes the life. There were times when scientific inventions were criticised. They were thought to be immoral. The thoughts changes. People started taking them as miracles. As the time passed scientific doings changed the standard of living. Medical science reduced the death rates. The chances of surviving deadly diseases also…[Read more]

  • It is great that your friend is going for surrogacy. She is confused about cost and that is real fear. Anyone going for surrogacy looks for the rates first. It is important to know how much it costs. She has contacted adonis. I think she did it with some search. I have but not heard something great about the clinic. They have shown extremely…[Read more]

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    I am really grieved to learn about your friend. Infertility is really a curse. The things ge worse when the hope goes down too. The same happened with your friend. She was infertile. She looked forward to the IVF. The dreams shattered again. In this desperation she contacted the fertility clinic. Actually Lotus is a renowned name. People contact…[Read more]

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