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    Hey. I’m suffering from infertility because doctors told me this is for tisuess disorder. Then, we search daily new clinics. But we can’t find a good clinic. Then, my relatives told me that there is Lotus Clinic. When, we visited this clinic, this clinic is so dirty and there is no chance of clean the dirtiness. Doctors and the staff of this clinic is so unfriendly. Nurses cannot know that how to talk with the patients.


    Polina Delany

    Well, that’s sounds such a hell. Lol, excuse my language. But, your story tells me like it’s such a strange place. I’ve heard really bad reviews regarding CSR of lotus. So, I might agree with you. Anyway! Ignore it! I understand how you feel. Well, try other centers, Ukraine has some of the world-class centers in the world. So, yeah! You can still find one. I’m also heading next week there for my surrogacy process. Just waiting for flights confirmations. So, yeah! Stay blessed! Keep going! 🙂



    WHAO! This is truly awful. I am so sorry about your experience. Looks like a spam to me. How can the staff at a clinic behave this way? The doctors are supposed to help patients. Help them come out of their problems and cure them. It looks as if you selected the wrong clinic for yourself. Many of the patients have got the similar complaints. Most of them didn’t even get the reply. They are still in the waiting queue. My cousin sister had surrogacy from Ukraine. There is also a good clinic there. I think you should go and contact them. They have got the best doctors in the town. The staff is cooperative too. The fee structure is feasible too. Give it a try. I hope all goes well. Don’t give up!



    I am really sorry to learn about your infertility. I can understand how tough it must be for you. Sorry about your experience too. It seems like the clinic is not interested in solving the problems of the patients. They are simply playing with the feelings of the patients. Not having friendly staff, good doctors and cleanliness are really pathetic. How can they even call themselves as a part of a clinic? In this way, they are going to lose their patients. All their reputation in vain. I think you should not consult them any longer. There are many other clinics. You can go for them. Don’t give up. Stay positive. Best of luck!


    Julia Christine

    Hey Alina! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I really felt so sad to know about you. Seriously you spent a very hard time. You should not go there. They are here just for the sake of money. I have also heard a lot of bad reviews about them. One of my colleagues also had her two failed IVF’s from there. Even the option of IVF has closed for her later. After that, she went for surrogacy to Europe and from there she fulfilled her wish. People are getting so much help from them and it is a very well reputed clinic. I think you should go there. I hope it will be good for you



    Hi Alina, how are you? Hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your infertility. It must be hard for us. I really feel sad for you. You are already suffering a lot and because of Lotus clinic you bear too much. You should not have to visit them. They are just looting people. i am also a victim. I have also read many negative reviews about them. If i knew about them before i would not waste my time. I am facing infertility from 5 years. My friend recommended Lotus clinic to us. We emailed them to get info about infertility treatments. They replied very rudely and refused to provide any info without money. We are very disappointed. Luckily we didn’t visit them in person from Japan.



    Hi there. Hope you are doing well. You are right some of the clinics are spam. They are just looters. Be aware of them. They are just a waste of time and money. There are good clinics in Europe. One can go for them. They have good management. They provide the best facilities. I have heard a lot about them. Wish luck to everyone. Thanks for an amazing post. God bless you.


    emma joe

    Hi there, I hope that you are living a happy life and are now awesome. Don’t be sad the average clinics are just scammers they only prefer money.Lotus is also one of them dirty clinics. This clinic is trying to make themselves popular. But these are working at very low level. I also hear that they provide very very low services. Their concern with us is until they get paid for their work. These kind of clinics are playing with the feeling of the people. Infertile couples are already in tension but these shit clinics waste their time and money. These clinics should be in the list of scammers and should be ban.SO I will say you to find some good clinic proving the good services and their client support should be for a long time. Thank you for sharing your story with us. May you live a happy life.
    Thank you.



    hi. hope so you are doing great. I also tried to contact adonis clinic. To know the details. But they not even bothered to reply. But I believe that if one door is closed many doors are open. The thing is we should not lose hope. I was very upset when doctors broke the news that I couldn’t conceive naturally. The clinic should be ashamed of their actions. Clinics are built to serve humanity. These clinics are spam. Please be safe guys. Don’t lose hope. All will be fine soon. Sending you lots of love.


    Jessica fields

    This is awful. I can’t believe this. How are they still operating then? Aren’t there any quality and health checks done there? This is horrible. I heard such great reviews about this clinic in the same vicinity. My best friend went there. She went there to get her surrogacy done. She was so happy with the clinic. The doctor became her friend immediately. The staff knew so many languages. Since she was French they interacted with her in French. She was over the moon seeing this. The plus point was that the number of days she stayed in the city. Her, accommodation and food were free. She didn’t have to pay a penny.



    I feel bad to know about your experience. I read a lot of bad reviews about this clinic. I don’t know how they have opened up this place. And how they still run this clinic. Anyways, don’t worry this is not the last option in this world. You have numerous other clinics in the same area. You can opt for any clinic where you find the best reviews on their forum. I would suggest you ask personally different people about their experience. Because there might be a chance of scammers on different forums. I will pray for you. I can feel how you are feeling right now. Better luck next time for your research. Keep us updated. Take care.


    Julia Christine

    Hey Aline! Hope so you will be fine. I just read your post. I think you should not go there. It’s another bad review. I have already heard a lot of worse reviews about them. But never lose hope. You should move on. I would like to recommend a clinic named as Biotexcom. My colleagues had her successful surrogacy from there. I heard so many great things about them. I think you should consult them. Another I want you to know that the clinic is conducting an event in London on the 18-19th of August. I think you should go there. Book your seat from their website. I hope they will guide you better and I hope they will help you to make your dreams come true



    Hey Alina. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing good. Well, my dear, I am really feeling very sorry for you. One of my friends also had a very bad experience in Lotus clinic. She had a miscarriage and then declare her infertile. Wehn she went to Lotus clinic, in the beginning, everything looks fine to her. But after their depositing money, they become rude. She had the worst experience there. I request people not to go there.



    I would suggest you see some good doctor. Get all your tests done. Don’t take it to light and don’t risk your life. Your condition is medically termed as recurrent pregnancy loss. There are many reasons for this problem but they are mostly because of chromosomal or genetic abnormalities that can happen either in egg or sperm. I would suggest you try one more time under some experienced doctors advice and if that attempt does not work for you, you can look for other options like IVF or surrogacy.



    I hope you are doing good. I feel so bad for you hon! Conceiving naturally is the best way to become a mother. But if you can’t, then nothing to be ashamed of. I was also not able to conceive naturally but that didn’t stop me from following my dream. I made my dream come true through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a very successful technique and IVF is also very successful. They are so mainstream these days, everyone is conceiving with the help of them. Good Luck! Much Love!

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