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    Hi Alina, hope you are doing well. This is very inadequate behavior. It is very unfortunate that you have faced such an unpleasant experience. Thankfully I didnt visited L***s clinic. Though I emailed them to inquire about their surrogacy plans.As I am an infertile and have been TTC for 10 years. My Fallopian tubes has some issue. I conceived twice but it ended up as an ectopic pregnancy both times. I even waited till my HCG level got stable. After that I was not able to conceive even with the help of IUI. So finally after struggling to conceive all these years my DH and I decided to go for surrogacy. We emailed L***s clinic for about 5 weeks but got no response. This really pissed off my DH and he emailed some other clinic on his friends’ suggestion. Thankfully that clinic is very responsive and cooperative. We have finalized all treatment details and will visit them soon to start our treatment.


    Tissues disorder is the main cause of infertility. Infertility is the worst disease in every human life. To meet with the scammer is such a bad experience. I think surrogacy is the best solution to your problem. I suggest you leave this clinic and move to another. I hope you will found a good clinic for your treatment.


    Hi Alina, hope you are doing well. Oh dear! It is so disturbing that L***s clinic has such unhygienic environment. I am literally shocked. it is good that you have shared your experience to inform others.. Infact my hubby emailed them to know about their fertility treatments. As we live in Canada and it was not possible to visit their clinic to get details. They didnt even bother to respond him back. We decided never to visit them and switched to some other clinic.


    It is really sorry to hear about your grief. Nothing is more killing and frustrating for anyone than the pain of being infertile. Infertility is not just the lack of conceiving or becoming parent it is the lack of staying happy. A parent has so many delightful moments. Once a couple enters into a relationship their foremost dream is to have a rainbow in the womb. Dear mom in grief I am able to understand your pain. It is not easy to learn that one is infertile. This deprivation takes away all the pleasant moments. There are number of treatments available for infertility. These treatments are helpful only when the services are provided by the reliable clinics. There are several clinics but choosing the perfect one is not something easy. A clinic must have all the requisites of becoming the right place for the fertility treatment. It must be responsive enough to provide the right information in the right time. Expert professional help is a must too. Sometimes a clkinic has too many professionals but the reliable ones are really very few. A good fertility clinic must answer all the legal queries. It must ensure that the clients get all the legal support well in time. Some times they have to find the surrogates and the donors too. Choice of the right clinic is extremely important for the best treatment.

    Lucy jones

    hello dear. I’m so sad this happened to you. this is so bad. thank you for making everybody beware. you should go to a good clinic. this is not acceptable at all. there should be cleanliness in a clinic more. please take care of your self. you should try and search for a professional clinic. infertility is a sensitive issue. I wish you luck. please keep me updated. I’m looking for a clinic too. hope you conceive soon. sending you baby dust. take care.


    Hi, hope you are well. I can understand your feelings. I know about that type of clinics. I’ve seen many such clinics. They are not working sincerely. I’m feeling sad about your wo5rst experience. That clinics are just working for the money. Some clinics are good too. You should try them. I’ve also consulted with a clinic. They have a very nice staff. They are providing many facilities along treatment. They care for all the patient’s needs. I’m very thankful to them. Because our dream of parenthood becomes true due to this clinic. You should try it. Hope you will get positive results. May God bless you with a cute baby.


    You are right dear!! There are some clinics which are scamming people in the name of hope. Thanks for exposing them here. Still, these clinics are carrying their operations. It’s really weird… I must say these clinics should be banned until they improve themselves. I wish you’ll also find a suitable clinic for you soon..

    Kate Bruce

    Hello! I really feel sad for you. You are suffering a lot because of infertility. No doubt infertility is a great curse. But don’t lose hope. Everything will be fine soon. You are a brave lady. I hope you can find a good clinic for your treatment. Take care of your health.


    Hey! I’m sorry about this. There are much better clinics out there. You just have to be careful. What procedure was it that you were going for? I think it’s a great decision you’ve made. Don’t let this discourage you. You’ll find a great ending to your story 🙂


    Thank you so much for sharing this information here. A lot of people will surely find it very useful. Infertility is the most terrible thing a person can ever suffer from. Also, it is getting common nowadays, which is really sad. It feels really bad to see people having a hard time accepting the fact that they’re infertile. Methods like IVF and surrogacy are a blessing. And for that, choosing a clinic is the most essential step. Always surf the internet and get reviews about the clinic you’re planning to visit. Lots of love to everyone reading this!


    Hey! Not strange to hear your experience with L***s. My friend too had a bad experience with them when she was tried to make contact with them. She was looking forward to a fertility clinic for surrogacy treatment. She opted for this clinic. She emailed them all her reports and asked about the information related to the treatment and packages they offered. She waited for a week but didn’t get any response then she emailed them again. But the clinic ignored her and didn’t respond to her. She was distress by the unethical behavior of the clinic. But she didn’t lost her hope. Now she is looking forward to reputable clinic. Europe is a great place for fertility treatment. I hope she will find a better clinic soon. I suggest you should also make search for another clinic. Best wishes.


    Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing well. That’s so rude of the clinic. I don’t understand why they are showing such careless behavior. They are ignoring their patients. I have also heard many negative responses regarding A****s clinic. They shouldn’t have done that. I know infertility is hard. You should remain calm and hopeful in this journey. There are many other good clinics in Europe. You can contact another good clinic. Make a proper research first. I hope you find a good clinic. All the best!

    Farah Smith

    I am really sorry to know about your awful experience with the clinic. Yes, there are some clinics who are just there to loot as many people as possible. I hope one day the government or the authorities will take action against them. But please don’t give up. There are good clinics too. Talk to some specialist there, you will definitely found a better place very soon. Take care.

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