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    Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. Infertility has destroyed so many dreams. This is a great forum to share problems. I want to go for surrogacy and don’t know what to do. I am looking for some real advice. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

    Felicia Saz

    Hello Kelly. Good to hear from you. How have you been doing? I agree with you. This is a great forum. The best part is the people here are so nice and helpful to each other. They treat you like a family. I’m sorry that you can’t have a baby by yourself. It’s alright though. Giving birth to a child yourself isn’t the only way to become a parent. Going for surrogacy is a wise decision. Start by looking for a good and reliable clinic. No matter what you do, check it’s reviews out. It is a must. If you can, try to talk to their previous clients. You should know what kind of experience they had. Choosing a clinic is the most important yet the most difficult part. So don’t take this lightly. I hope this was helpful.


    Hey, Kelly, I hope you are well. When I opted for surrogacy for me financial constraint was a reason why I had to research a lot. The clinic I am currently visiting offers two packages. One is standard and the other is VIP. Both of these are very reasonable. I opted for the standard one and it even included accommodation. I thought that was pretty amazing. We were even invited to visit them for free to see around.


    Hey Kelly! How are you feeling dear? I can totally relate to your pan. I am sure that it must be a very difficult time for you. However, just know that you are not the only one facing this issue. There are many women who are facing similar issues. I am so sorry to say that infertility is definitely a very depressing issue. It is good that you to have shared the problem in this forum here with all of us. I am sure that you must be feeling light after sharing with us. I am hoping that you soon overcome this issue. Wish you all the luck for the future. Just stay calm an strong.

    Leslie Adams

    Hello, Kelly. This forum is indeed great. I have read so many inspirational stories here. It’s a great platform to speak your heart out. How are you doing? If you want to surrogacy, I’d say go for it. It is a great option. This procedure has eased out so many lives. I’ve seen people going for surrogacy. When they walked out, there was nothing but happiness. So what if someone else is a carrier for your baby? It’s still going to be your child. It’s going to have your DNA. I believe everything is worth that. Everyone deserves a shot at happiness in their lives.


    It is great to know that you want to go surrogacy. Surrogacy is becoming really popular. It is not just popular among the infertile but also popular among the IPs and the single parents. A third party or a surrogate holds the baby for the mom intended. Her womb holds the happiness for those who have lost everything. It is the representative of the selflessness of the surrogate.

    Amelia Char

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. This is a great post. I really like your guts. I am sure you are a brave woman. After going through so much now you are thinking about surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great option for infertile couples. The success rate of this procedure is more than 95%. I am infertile and can’t conceive a baby naturally. Thanks to these forums I came to know about the surrogacy. I am very glad that I made this decision. We had our first surrogacy last week. We are waiting for the results. Kindly pray for us.

    Joanne Silvia

    I’d like to tell you just one thing. The ladies who I have met so far, that have managed to conceive despite their infertility have had one thing in common. It was that they actually did the things they thought about. Rather than mulling over and wasting time. So, I think you should go for it! Surrogacy is fantastic. Good luck to you!

    Lauren Rhoades

    I totally agree with what you’ve said. Infertility is a massive curse. But, it’s great to see that there are so many treatment methods available. You should definitely go for surrogacy. It’s a great idea. Good luck to you! I really hope it works.


    No doubt infertility is such a devasting and tough journey but solutions are availaible. Look sweetheart surrogacy is an amazing process and also it guarantees success. Surrogacy is a process which has helped many people dealing with infertility. I think it’s a fantastic procedure. If you’re thinking about going for it. I would suggest you go right away. It is so important to make the right decision while choosing a clinic. It is also important to know about the experience of a doctor in this field. Because clinic matters a lot on the success journey. Don’t take the stress, I hope all goes well for you. Take care!


    TTC is a not an easy task for a woman. I have been TTC for the past 17 years. But I had no luck with TTC. Now i am going for surrogacy to have a baby. Surrogacy is very common today. Soon I will start this journey at a very popular clinic. The clinic has a good reputation for its services. It gives a free consultation for all initial stages. I hope it will be a success for me.


    Hey! I hope you’re good. It’s nice to hear you’re thinking about this. I think you’ll do great with it. You shouldn’t overthink about this. Find a clinic and get on with it. Wishing you a baby very soon!


    Hey. Hope everything goes right in your way. May God bless you. You have taken a perfect decision. Go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing. It is a blessing for every woman. Babies are the great happiness for women. Through surrogacy, every mother can get the happiness of motherhood. I have also a baby through surrogacy. I was a sportswoman. And I had fatigue injury. I tried to conceive. Then visit for surrogacy. The clinic where I had surrogacy was a peerless clinic. The staff was so cooperative. Now I have a baby.


    Hello! I trust you’re great. It’s pleasant to hear you’re considering this. I figure you’ll do extraordinary with it. You shouldn’t overthink about this. Discover a center and get on with it. Wishing you a child soon!

    Anika louis

    I hope you are doing fine. Infertility is such a pathetic situation. I Know it would be so hard for you. But, I am happy to the point that you are taking a good decision. I am so happy that people are now much aware of this procedure. It’s a blessing indeed. The only thing that matters in surrogacy is the surrogate must have to be healthy and cooperative. The reliable clinics make everything legal. If you choose a good clinic then you won’t face any problems regarding babies. In surrogacy, the surrogate has no right to baby legally and genetically if she changes her mind later. Surrogate mother only carries a baby in her womb. I hope many people who are going through the phase of infertility would get an advantage by this. I wish your journey goes well. Best of luck. Stay blessed.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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