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    I’ve done a bit of research and of course there is lots of advice about prepping for pregnancy and lots if you are doing IVF. My question is, is there advice for women receiving IVF donor eggs? Am I right in assuming that just a general fit and healthy body is right or does it help if its high protein and low carbs? Has anybody done this and changed their diet? I’m mid 40’s and losing weight but I won’t be slim when it happens so I would like everything else to be perfect against this one not so perfect area. I am new in all these things. I was told that this place is good for advice. And I hope that you guys will help me. Just feel free to tell me anything. Whether it is your experience or someone else. I will just be glad as far as it gives me a hint. Looking forward to hear from you. Any advice greatly received.


    What is a portion of the medicinal dangers or other restorative complexities that may happen in the event that I give my eggs?

    Egg recovery is constantly performed under ultrasound direction. Nonetheless, there is dependably a hazard that a needle may cut encompassing tissue or organs causing damage, draining as well as contamination. There is likewise a little hazard (under 5%) of ovarian hyperstimulation disorder. Amid ovarian hyperstimulation, the ovaries end up broadened and liquid may gather in the stomach pit causing swelling; a weight pick up of 5-10 pounds and extreme pelvic torment may happen. Hospitalization might be required if ovarian hyperstimulation advances to an extreme state. Also, certain examinations have recommended that some ovulation drugs are related to an expanded danger of ovarian tumor; investigate around there is continuous, nonetheless, and later information invalidates such a hazard


    Hey! Wishing you Great luck initially
    You know what it is the great thing about donor eggs. You and your partner both can take part in your baby creation. This is such a wonderful procedure.
    There is nothing to be worried over. There are supposed to be great donor database exist.
    And they would provide you with the best match.
    Being forty’s is no issue these days.
    These technologies and modern sciences are overcoming each hurdle.
    But you would also be the part of this procedure so eventually, you have to take a really good care of yourself.
    Eating healthy is ever been a great approach in each treatment.
    Hope you have got a good fertility clinic with great donor database.
    And hope you find a great match of yours.
    Wish you a very good luck.
    Baby dust to you.XX


    Hey Stormi!You came to the right place to ask for advice.If you choose to go down the path of IVF using donor eggs you have the advantage of knowing that you are going to become pregnant.This means you can prepare yourself to become pregnant, both mind and body.My advice to any women receiving IVF donor eggs is to take folic acid every day for at least 3 months before getting pregnant. This lowers the risk of some birth defects of the brain and spine of your child.You should stop smoking.Stay away from second-hand smoke as well after you become pregnant.If you have a medical condition, make sure that you are under a physician’s care and they are aware you are trying to become pregnant. Depression should be well managed. Any medications should also be discussed with a doctor.Yeah, you assume right that a healthy body is good and you should also follow healthy eating guidelines.Everything that goes into your body can nourish your uterine environment.Eating Red meat, chicken, leafy greens, beans. Boosts blood cell production and overall cardiovascular health. But you should avoid eating fish that are high in mercury, like swordfish and mackerel.I hope that you’ll find my advice useful and may God bless you with an amazing child.Al my best wishes to you and your family. XOXO;)


    IVF is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology currently available. But your chances of conceiving through IVF depend on several factors. Including your age and the cause of your or your partner’s infertility. There are steps you can take to prepare yourself for the procedure both physically and mentally for a higher success rate. A healthy, nutritional diet high in protein is important to maximize your egg production as a woman. Whereas mentally you may need to prepare yourself for regular injections and fertility testing. There are many different options you can explore to help you increase your IVF success rates. Some therapies have results supported by studies while others are based on nutritional/anatomical knowledge and help by supporting the general health of the body and reproductive system. Some natural therapies like acupuncture and mind/body therapies have been shown to increase IVF success rates greatly.

    Jessica fields

    I will advise you to take more protien. Also, take iron supplements and any other multivitamins. It is important that your body is healthy. It can only be possible if you take all the nutrients. Other than that avoid taking fat cutting foods. It will hinder the pregnancy. Hope this was helpful. Best wishes to you.


    I will encourage you to take more protein. Also, take supported supplements and some other multivitamins. It is essential that your body should be strong. It must be conceived so that you may get success. Besides, avoid taking fat cutting sustenances. It will block the pregnancy. The expectation is this would be useful. All the best to you.


    Many patients find themselves feeling a lot of anxiety around starting the IVF cycle. Everything becomes very “real” at this point. Fear of having to self-administer shots is common. And if you already have a phobia of needles it may seem overwhelming. Taking new medications and experiencing new medical procedures isn’t easy, and the entire process of fertility treatment can seem invasive. Finally, the biggest stress for most patients is the fear that the cycle will fail. Especially if you are using donor eggs. While fertility treatment can transform your chances of a successful pregnancy. It is an unfortunate fact that there are no guarantees. It is not uncommon for a woman to go through multiple attempts before getting pregnant. And with so much invested emotionally, physically, and financially the disappointment of an unsuccessful cycle can be crushing. On top of all of this, patients can be very hard on themselves for struggling emotionally at a time when they feel they should be happy, thrilled, excited and hopeful.


    Deciding on who you want as your egg donor is a big decision. Find solace in knowing that there’s no right or wrong way to choose an egg donor. Selecting a donor is a very personal decision, as is the criteria on which you base your decision. Known donation is becoming more popular. It allows communication and contact between intended parents (IP) and donors. You can carry on the relationship to your agreed-upon level of comfort during the process. Some intended parents and egg donors continue their relationship after their journey is over, too. In an anonymous donation, you would not have contact or communication with your donor. The contracts would use only first names and all information would be exchanged through the agency. Getting to know your donor is considered to be beneficial for both you and your child. It helps your child to understand where they came from. Provides your child with a healthy sense of identity. And allows you and your child to remain updated about their genetic parent’s medical history as it changes over time.


    You know what it is the great thing about donor eggs. You and your partner both can take part in your baby creation. There is nothing to be worried over. There are supposed to be great donor database exist.And they would provide you with the best match.But you would also be the part of this procedure so eventually, you have to take a really good care of yourself.


    You might need donor eggs to be part of your fertility treatment journey for a number of reasons. This could be due to medical complications or factors as simple as age or premature menopause or maybe you are a same-sex couple who need donor eggs to use in surrogacy. Whatever the reason you need donor eggs, there are several different pathways to treatment, depending upon who your donor eggs come from. It is a very successful form of treatment as often there is nothing apparent wrong with your uterus and so replacing good quality embryos derived from donor eggs can result in a very good chance of a pregnancy. There are three different types of donor; altruistic donors, known donors, and egg sharers. Finding a donor yourself can be faster than going through a busy clinic, but there is a serious disadvantage: You will have to interview the donor yourself rather than having a professional screen and evaluate her. It’s crucial that donors be tested for any genetic disorders or diseases such as HIV. This is also true for women using donor sperm.


    Hi Stormi. Well, have the same questions and going to follow the thread. I am up to start IVF for the first time and feel rather concerned than excited. I don’t think there is a strong need to change the diet completely and the lifestyle itself if you don’t smoke, drink or eat fastfood only.
    I for one think that sports few times a week and positive thinking would work for me the best. I have low AMH although it’s ok for my age but still I’m up to try an IVf maybe ICSI. If it doesn’t work I’m afraid I should find an egg donor to get a chance for pregnancy. I believe your GP should share some recommendations as to the best ways for preparing your body for IVF. Have you asked the doctor?

    Sarah Williams

    Stormi. It will be fine I guess. More importantly get consulted with your doctor before. I’m also just like you undergoing an IVF attempt in July at a repro center in Ukraine. So, yeah! I’m into the late 30s and also a little overweight. But, my obs said it’s fine for me to undergo an IVF attempt. So, yes! I’m there. Wish you all the best! Don’t be nervous! Stay strong! Wish you luck! xx


    Surrogacy: Understanding the Biology
    As an eager parent can let you know, understanding the natural side of pregnancy requires some serious energy, a little research, some perusing, and different exchanges with a therapeutic expert. And, after its all said and done, for each inquiry replied, there is another inquiry that flies up amid those nine months, in light of the fact that no two pregnancies are indistinguishable everyone is special.
    For expected guardians, there might be considerably more inquiries. Contingent upon which surrogacy program you pick—either IVF Surrogacy or IVF/ED (Egg Donation) Surrogacy—you may have questions concerning your infant’s science and blood classification, and how much the surrogate mother’s science and blood classification influence your take.

    Lauren Rhoades

    Hey, Stormi. Hope you’re alright. It’s not that big a deal. Just try to avoid ones which have a history of serious medical illnesses. You’ll be fine. Good luck with the procedure! I hope it works out.

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