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    Women who decide to become surrogates often say they love being pregnant and experiencing the miracle of birth, but they are finished having their own children. They also genuinely want to help a couple have a child. Sometimes, a friend or family member asks them. However, even surrogates who are friends or family should be positive about pregnancy and childbirth. There should be no pressure to agree to a surrogacy arrangement. While surrogates are paid for their time, it’s rare to find a surrogate who is only in this for the money. Due to psychological screening, women who are thinking primarily about compensation are likely to be turned down early in the process. The surrogate average fee of $20,000 to $35,000 may sound like a lot. But when you take into consideration the time and effort involved, and the nine-month, 24-hour dedication to the pregnancy, a woman would make more per hour working at a fast food restaurant than by being a surrogate. Surrogacy is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a compassionate way to help bring life into this world and build a family that could not be without your help.


    That’s perfectly said. You see the effort the surrogate does to bring your child to this world. You just can’t pay for all those efforts. It is not easy to carry another’s child. Knowing that one day you have to hand over this to intended parents. They involve you in the whole journey. Yes, you pay them for their services. But you have to consider the efforts they are doing.
    I just wish that each surrogate could get the same encouragement and love from the intended parents as they deserve. Don’t treat them as your surrogate only. Treat them as a family. I have watched some families that even involve their surrogates in their children’s upbringing. That’s what all you have to do.

    emma joe

    Hi there, i hope that you are doing well. Yes all said right. Yes surrogates are also highly paid and this one also is truth that they love to give the happiness to other people. This is what they save the time and efforts So, I’ll suggest you to not waste your time and money in some average clinic, visit Ukraine best clinic of the world Bio-Tex-Com with best services. Love for you and best wishes 🙂

    Felicia Saz

    Hi. I understand this completely. Thank you for making this post. This is why I would have wanted to have a relative be my surrogate. If I was going for it you know. That way she would be doing it for me. She wouldn’t be doing it to make money. Money won’t be a problem here. This is what I used to think until I got to know about this clinic. What surprised me was how affordable it was. They take care of their surrogates. They made surrogacy possible for people like us. Now, a person from the middle class can afford surrogacy. Being a parent is every perosn’s dream. Everyone should be able to achieve it.


    Hey. I hope you are doing good. Giving birth to a baby is never easy. We really appreciate the efforts of the surrogates. It’s more difficult to give birth to someone else baby. Strict contracts are being signed between the two parties these days. The main key is finding a reliable surrogate. You can’t really trust anyone with your baby. You should prefer a relative to be your surrogate. I have a baby through surrogacy. My cousin sister was my surrogate. We really admire the efforts of the surrogate mothers. Giving birth to someone else offspring requires a lot of courage.


    Definitely! I’d choose US instead of surrogacy in the US. Traditional surrogacy programs in the US cost more than $140,000 USD. Though changes in the international landscape for surrogacy have introduced new programs modeled after lower-cost services overseas. These programs usually include all components of the surrogacy process. A single fee includes all medical procedures (Including the IVF, embryo transfer prenatal care and the delivery), legal contracts and filings, the surrogate compensation and expenses as well as the logistical support from the IP’ agent. These negotiated programs range from $85,000 to $120,000 USD. Not including an egg donor!!


    Hey. very happy for you that you shared information about them. surrogates woman really need appreciation. they are doing public service by my point of view. surrogacy is the best option ever found. surrogacy will provide you a hundred percent result. surrogate women usually provide hope to infertility. your information worth alot to the infertile women. Have a blessed day. Best wishes to her!

    emma joe

    Hi there, I am sure that you are doing well and awesome in your life. Due to some specific reasons according to the current time makes strict rules and regulation, When surrogacy is not legal at some place then you must go to other places for the fulfillment of your desires. So to all other women who are facing infertility i will say for Ukraine visit Bio-Tex-Com is the best place with providing the best services and high rate of success. May you live long and happy 🙂

    Joanne Silvia

    Hello, Trisha. How are you doing, today? I hope you’re alright. Finally! Someone said it. You’re correct. It’s really crazy to see people actually lash out on surrogates. They don’t deserve this! Money is a factor, surely. However, it isn’t the main driving force. The whole process of getting pregnant is serious. One can’t possibly rule it out purely on money. It takes a human of a big heart to undergo something for a stranger. Thank you so much for talking about this!


    I have massive respect for surrogates. I think they are so strong to opt for this process. A lot of them do go through to a lot of emotions. However, they are just there to help infertile couples. One needs a lot of courage to do this. Therefore, I think surrogacy is a beautiful procedure. New relations are established through it. Good luck to all who are planning to opt for it.


    It is not easy to become a surrogate. It is not just related to carrying a baby. A surrogate mother is putting her life in danger as well. Hence, it is very important to learn all the legal matters. The surrogate must remember that she has no right over the child. Legally the child belongs to the biological parents. The surrogate is legally entitled to get some financial compensation.


    This is to all the women. It’s important to search a lot for your problem at different forums. And I am sure you have gone through multiple information as well. My advice is that whatever decision you are gonna take, do proper research on it. Then consult with doctors. And have faith in God. Good luck!


    Today, many ladies are facing the problem of infertility. Those who keep strong will get something good in the future. And those who lose heart remain empty-handed. You are completely right about the surrogates. These women are doing miracles. They are giving the lifetime happiness to the infertile women. Such an inspiring woman they are. I totally salute them for what they do. And after doing all this they don’t even keep the child this is the huge thing to do. Much love to all of you.

    Lauren Rhoades

    Finally, someone said it! It’s so important to highlight this. Surrogates are NOT selfish people! They do NOT do it for the money. You really need to be genuinely great at heart to even think about doing something this big. I’m glad you talked about this. Keep up the great work.


    Hey there Dear. How re you doing? I hope its all great. I am really glad to see this. You made some solid points. I agree with you. Surrogacy is really a great thing. Surrogates go through a lot fo us. They re really blessed people. It’s not about the money. Those cases are very rare. even though only is really an important part. I hope everyone supports surrogates. They go through a lot for us. There are a lot of emotions attached. I wish everyone good luck. Take care and lots of love.

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