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    Jessica fields

    Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing good. I need some help here. Can anyone tell me what does an International surrogacy cost? My friend lives in Australia. So please advise according to that. She looked upon Adonis’s website. Though it was an expensive plan. Can you suggest anything else?


    hello, Jessica fields!!! Yeah, we are enjoying our time. hope so you also doing best. This depends upon various factors that are included in their process. This varies from clinic to clinic. Surrogacy cost is round about $90,000 to 130,000. This involves many arrangements. Like in California surrogate mothers are in high demand.


    Hi Jessica. I am sorry about your friend. I wish she will be a mom soon. Well, don’t go for two clinics. Lotus and Adonis are those clinics. They are literally cheating people. They don’t care about anyone. They only care about themselves. I hope that everything will be fine one day. She should go to a clinic in Europe. It is renown for surrogacy. I wish her best of luck.

    Rhonda Jet

    Hey there Jessica. How are you doing? I hope its all great. It’s good you reached out. Never trust adonis. I have heard a lot of bad thing about them. They seem to be very expensive and don’t satisfy their customers. I wish everyone good luck. Take care and lots of love.


    Hey. Surrogacy is the best option. She should go for it. I hope that everything will be fine. Well, clinic Adonis is a scam. Their prices are high and they don’t reply first. My friend had a bad experience at the clinic. They don’t care about anyone. It is great to choose something wisely. Now they are going to an affordable clinic. I think you should go for it.

    Anika louis

    Hey. I would suggest your friend a clinic in Europe. They are having best services. They have quite good packages. I had uterine polyps disease which left me infertile. So I went to this clinic. They provided me with the healthy surrogate. Today I am a blessed mother. Avoid Lotus and Adinos clinics. They are not good. I wish her best of luck.

    Julia Christine

    Hey Jessica! How are you! Hope so you will be fine. I’m glad that you are going for surrogacy. As you are going for it so try to choose the best clinics regarding surrogacy. So there are some clinics in Europe. I heard a lot of great reviews about it. One of my friends adopted surrogacy to have a baby in her life. She was saying that clinic gave us the quality treatment on low cost as compared to any other. So I would suggest you go to Europe. As it’s a complicated process so don’t take any risk. That’s my opinion.
    All my sympathies are with you


    Hey there. Has your friend checked clinics in Ukraine? There are numerous clinics there. Some of which are very helpful and focused on providing the best to their clients. I have heard of Biotex from a friend. She had a baby there through a surrogate recently. It was the best experience for her. Hope it works for our friend too.


    Hello, Yes there are many other clinics in Europe because it is legal there. Try other clinics too you can contact them via emails and they would give you the complete package details with accommodations. My cousin got it done from there and it had a really good quality service and not much expensive as well. I hope you find what you are looking for. CHEERS


    Hi there. Hope you are doing fine. Yes there are clinic which can help you out. One is specifically located in Ukraine. It is called The BioTexCom. The doctors over there are highly qualified in their work. They help their patients out int surrogacy and IVF procedures. I would suggest that you contact them. I am quite sure that you will get a positive feedback. Bets of luck.

    Alice Blake

    Hello there. How are you? I hope you are well. You should try to find out the best clinic. They are very much irresponsible as well. You have seen with your eyes. You should leave that as soon as possible. No need to wait for them. If you really want to become a mother then you have to take a good decision for you. Just go to the best one clinic. And discuss all the situation with your doctor. There are many good clinics in Europe. I hope you find a good clinic for your friend. Take care.


    Hello there! Hope you are doing well. It is a good thing that your friend is looking for the surrogacy to complete her family. It is a good thing like a blessing. It is a positive thing that you care about your friend. As the matter of clinics, There are many good clinics in Ukraine. I do not know about the rules of surrogacy in Australia. If it is banned there then she can go to Ukraine. There are many other clinics, which are offering good packages. I hope she will find there the best clinic. I also went to Ukraine for my surrogacy. I got a surrogate son. It was a good experience. It proved like a blessing to me. My all wishes to her. God bless you.

    emma joe

    Hello Dear, Hope you are living awesome and healthy like a superman. You should attempt to discover the best facility. They are especially flighty too. You have seen with your eyes. You should leave that as quickly as time permits. No compelling reason to sit tight for them. On the off chance that you truly need to end up a mother then you need to take a decent choice for you. Simply go to the best one center. Furthermore, examine all the circumstance with your specialist. There are numerous great facilities in Europe. I seek you locate a decent facility after your companion. So at the end i would like to say something for the women that my suggestion for those who are facing infertility should visit the Ukraine clinic BioTexCom, Best wishes and my love for you. 🙂

    Lucy jones

    hi dear. how are you? I would suggest her to go for surrogacy in Ukraine. it costs less than in other countries. hope things go well for you. surrogacy is a really good process. it is giving birth of your children through another surrogate mom. the people who have complications go towards this. ill pray. take care .lots of love. keep me updated. best wishes your way. bye.


    Hey. I am sorry to hear about her infertility. Have you looked for clinics in Europe? It has got some good ones. Avoid Adinos. They are not responding to the emails of the patients. Looks like a spam to me. Don’t rely on a single clinic. Make sure you select a right place.

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