• Amelia Char hi! Congratulations you have proved yourself, dear. I think that the success of a lady lies only upon the best clinic which she chooses. but if a lady will adopt lotus for it then she should never even think about her success. I can say that because I have to face the negligence of this clinic. to have a baby is the dream of every…[Read more]

  • Tifanny this is a difficult phase of surrogate’s life. Usually, clinics don’t give them a chance. They have to go through a procedure of being a surrogate mother. Where her characteristics are matched with the intended mother. An agreement is signed there between two parties. A clinic’s role is the most important one. Without clinic inter…[Read more]

  • I am sorry to hear about your cousin’s bad experience in Lo**s. I know how bad she has been feeling now. This shows their selfishness. How much they are eager to get money. Let them make their place being selfish. Keep their selfishness aside and think about the factor of being using the weakness of others for their own pleasure. They are just d…[Read more]

  • hi Stormy! Hope you are absolutely fine. don’t lose hope dear. I think that life is a combination of happiness and sorrows. So good time will also come in your life. yes, surrogacy is really a great blessing. but its very hard task to find a good clinic for it. now there are many scammers who are claiming that they are the good ones. But I d…[Read more]

  • well, that’s a good news. you know I was bored to mail clinic again and again. all of them initiate my procedure but after that they deny me. I was totally going to be mad soon. I am suffering from unexplained infertility. it’s my habit to search all things with an explanation from depth. doctors reply didn’t suit best to me. hopefully, Anastasia…[Read more]

  • hey, I read your post. I can understand what you are talking about. all this information lie aside. I am totally against it. in short, I want to say that no doubt they help to promote generosity and selflessness. but they do so to get money. clinics give them a huge amount. they can spend their life by spending money. mostly women want to give…[Read more]

  • hey all!!! I know every woman are facing a lot of issues. Everyone is made up by their specialist who charges a heavy fee. But what we can do. it’s a part of life. These troubles can vanish as an art. I have read a post form a forum that a Ukraine lady is coming to London. They are arranging a conference on awareness. There will also a q…[Read more]

  • chicago replied to the topic Divorce kids in the forum Toddler 5 years, 9 months ago

    that so bad Ruqaya Baumann!! I understand your condition. Try to have meet up plan with her dad. I think she feels comfort in her dad’s company. Try to give him his daughter. I think she can live happily in such way. Otherwise try to be a friend of her. If you seem it troublesome then choose another way. Try to spend lot of your time with her. L…[Read more]

  • chicago replied to the topic Adoption problems in the forum Family Life 5 years, 9 months ago

    hey Elizabeth Maya!!! That’s so bad. I am really dory for cruel behavior. I am also against adoption. And see the clinic didn’t reply you back. That’s so annoying too. I don’t know why these clinics are acting in such way. Don’t they know this hurts us so much? I think you should try another clinic. The world has progressed and still making pr…[Read more]

  • Stormy hi! Oh, so sad. I think surrogacy is the best choice for you. why are you afraid. I can understand your nervousness at this. but you need not be a worry. If you take it positively then everything will be positive. I will suggest you to just investigate the clinic before visiting it. I have some bad experiences with some clinics also. The…[Read more]

  • hey, Trisha, you are right. I totally agree with you. you know what happened to me. I mailed one of the clinics. They examined my reports. They said everything is suitable. Just come to our clinic. We will start your IVF procedure. I was happy because I mailed a lot of clinics. They never replied me back. I was feeling like I am the luckiest…[Read more]

  • jezebel hi! Be calm. I can understand your nervousness at this. dear, I think you should investigate all the clinics before visiting it. I heard many bad reviews of people in clinics. but I think there are also some trustful clinics in Ukraine and Europe. You can also investigate the clinic on their sites. Just keep in mind your worst experience…[Read more]

  • Sara hi! I am very dismayed to hear your story. I am so regretful that you have to verve through this. lady, indeed you are a very valiant lady. You have proved yourself very heroic by facing these hitches. I am proud of you. now, you can see hope for only those who tolerate these snags. Enjoy your sweet family now. stay blessed.

  • hey, sara_joy!!! It sounds good to me. I am glad to know that you are brave enough. you have proved yourselves. I think we can achieve everything in this world with our minimum efforts and a lot of courage. we can make our destinations beautiful. It is said that don’t care for the path if your way is full of stones. Look if your destination is g…[Read more]

  • “jezebel hi! Recently I have read your post. I am very happy to see you that you are doing a great work. Basically, infertility has become the worst thing now. we have to take more precautions about it. added to this the negligence of a clinic increases the difficulties of a couple. Yes, I also hear some bad reviews about such clinics. I will…[Read more]

  • hello Izabel!!! Yeah we all are fine. We will try our best to answer your thread. It is our honor to see you over here. Your presence means us a lot. surrogacy is a costly process. this is mostly done in Ukraine. Lot of clinics are making progress in Ukraine. It’s a tough job to find out the best one. Whose success rate is high. See those c…[Read more]

  • chicago replied to the topic What to do in the forum Getting Started 5 years, 9 months ago

    hey Angelina!!! That’s so rude of you. their attitude annoys you. I can imagine the mood swings. When someone doesn’t respond to me I also become angry. I mean this is not a suitable way of treating people. But forget them by considering them a bad dream. This world is full of many other clinics. Try to find out those clinics. It is said that the…[Read more]

  • chicago replied to the topic Bad Experience in the forum Getting Started 5 years, 9 months ago

    Emma hi! OMG, I am really surprised to hear about your experience. I don’t wanna comprehend that a professional clinic can do that. So painful story. but don’t lose hope. thank you very much, buddy, that you aware us from this clinic. Real and good friends are like you. Your efforts will also bear fruits. Don’t be panic.

  • chicago replied to the topic My Journey! in the forum Getting Started 5 years, 9 months ago

    Alysa Markle, why are you getting worried? I am really apologetic to hear your story. but beloved I think that you should be brave and daring. Our society doesn’t accept the slacker people. So be brave and try to face the challenges of your life bravely and audaciously. I admit that it’s difficult for you to do now but I think you should pun…[Read more]

  • hey, Trisha!! I didn’t see any wonderful benefits in becoming a surrogate. You know in some countries like UK surrogate mothers are not paid. They just paid for their basic needs. While in Ukraine women are in high demands. They demand high payment. Which is not affordable for everyone? What can they do?

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