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    Amelia Char

    Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. If you couples are looking for a advice then you are at right place. Recently we had our first surrogacy. I am very glad that we made this decision. Surrogacy is one of the best options for us. It is simply amazing. Go for surrogacy if you’re infertile.


    Hey Amelia, I hope you are well. It is good to know that surrogacy was the best decision you made. It is amazing to see how this procedure has helped so many people out. I think there are a few things that are really important for this process. One of the most important ones is that you research about surrogacy before opting for it. Make sure to visit the country in which it is legal. Secondly, make sure that the clinic you visit is operating at a high success. It is important because the process is expensive and you want to make sure that the clinic is doing well. Reading the review is also extremely important. I am saying all of this from my own personal experience. I started my surrogacy process as well. I made sure that I read the clinic’s policies and read the reviews. After reaching I started my procedure with them. I firmly believe it is because of the research I did that everything is going very systematically. Good luck to all.

    Nelly Kom

    You’re giving a very honest advice, Amelia. Surrogacy is definitely a blessing for the intended parents. When you’ve given up, surrogacy becomes an isle of hope in the sea of infertility. Absolutely no one deserves to suffer when it’s not even their fault. I saw how dreadful the condition of my sister was when she had to accept that she wouldn’t be able to carry a baby now. She had a severe car accident in which her spinal cord got highly damaged. It surely takes a lot of courage to manage yourself and move on in life. God bless her doctor who suggested surrogacy to her. She wasn’t sure if it would be successful or not. Then when she went to the clinic and met the doctor and the staff, she was very satisfied. The procedure took place and after the wait of several months, her baby came into this world. I think that the clinic and the doctor plays an essential part in the success of the procedure. It surely is a lifesaver! One should give surrogacy a chance rather than sitting and crying over infertility. Good luck to all those struggling!


    Hey. Hope you are well. Congratulation on a successful surrogacy. It’s great that you shared your experience with us. I am very happy for you. To all ladies here, If you can afford it and wanna go for it again do it. Do give us an update on what you decide to do. Best of luck sending warm wishes your way. Much love and prayers.


    Hello! I think you’re very right. One shouldn’t lose hope. Children are a true blessing. If you have decided to have them once, then you should continue trying until you get them. TTC can be tough. It can stretch to months or years with no success. I am someone who’s not able to conceive due to having no uterus. I then turned to surrogacy as my only option. I have had a wonderful experience. It resulted in my baby girl. I’m so grateful options like these exist for people like us. I wish good luck to all those TTC and/or going to opt one of these procedures.

    jennifer jonas

    Hi! Hope you are well! You are right surrogacy is such a bliss for infertile couples! One of my friends told me her sister’s story and she said she opted for surrogacy and it turned out an excellent experience! Her word made my heart think that I should go for this option! I spoke to my DH and he told me to go for whatever I think is right! So I am now considering it! I think everyone should try an option which they never had!


    Hello there. How are you?. I hope you are doing fine. I am so sorry to hear about your story. Infertility can be very difficult to deal with. I have seen people go through it, and it just breaks my heart to see it happening. But the worst thing is that there ways to overcome this issue, but because of not much awareness people are not open to these ideas. But i have seen people opt for these procedures as they have been successful. Such as surrogacy is a really good option to go for if someone is infertile. I am glad that you went for it too. As it is a guaranteed way to have kids.


    Howdy, thanks a bunch for sharing your own experience. I trust the dominant part of you are at present particularly mindful by terms like IVF and surrogacy. You don’t have to lose trust in perspective of desolateness. You can pick these philosophies which are protected and productive. Make an effort not to stretch if your one treatment has tumbled there are different trades out of which surrogacy and IVF are by and large recommended. By and by it’s on you to pick a good office. There are various focuses, be that as it may, be cautious with the fraud ones. In case I was asked to propose a better than average one I would endorse to go to an office in Europe. They have a tolerable accomplishment rate and their organizations are indicated the stamp. Additionally, you can address them viable.

    Lily Stan

    Hey there. I hope you are doing fine. I am so glad to hear that you went for surrogacy. I think surrogacy is a really good option for those who really want to have their children. It can be a very difficult thing to go through, but there is no doubt that it is very helpful. I am very supportive of this procedure. Anyone who is confused about it should not be, as surrogacy is the best option to overcome infertility, and the chances of having your child are higher than IVF.

    Polina Delany

    Congrats! I hope you become a mother soon. Yes! I’ll completely agree with you on this. I’m also a struggling TTC. Couldn’t conceive for years. Surely! Secondly, yes! Last year, my friend suggested to undergo surrogacy. At first, I was resistant. Later met a few people, who went through the process. So, now I’m under process of surrogacy at a center in Kiev. So, yes. Anyhow! Best of luck! I hope you conceive soon. Becoming a parent is always so important! Take care! Thanks for such an amazing advice!


    Yes, it’s really a great option. I like what you said. Actually, my friend suffered from infertility as well. She tried the same method. She is very happy now. It all depends. Seriously, it’s really very good. I hope everything will be fine for you now. This is is such a good thing to help others. Giving a good advice is also a very big help to someone. May you be blessed.


    Hello Amelia! How are you doing? I totally agree with you that surrogacy is a blessing in disguise for the women who cannot able to give birth to a child naturally. I had hysterectomy owing to cancer spread. Doctors told me that I couldn’t able to conceive. Surrogacy was the last hope for me. I and DH were decided to opt for surrogacy. We went to Europe because surrogacy banned in our country. I found a reputable clinic after making a great research struggle. Now We are going to have twins baby dolls soon. God bless you.


    Hello dear, I guess this is the best thing for you to do. You should go for it. If you asked me I would have suggested to you the same thing. Actually, there is a lot of misconception related to surrogacy. That would be the biggest hurdle while making a decision related to surrogacy. Actually, that was just a misconception. You should not worry about that. This method is really great. It would help you a lot. Don’t worry at all. Take a good care of yourself, please.

    Jessica fields

    Very well said, honey. It’s true that surrogacy really works. Congratulations to you as well. You were able to complete your family. All thanks to surrogacy. What did you have? I mean is it a boy or a girl. Or are they twins? I have heard the chances of twins are really high in surrogacy. I really hope I can have twins too. Btw, can you share your experience in detail? I am sure it will be helpful to many people here. I will also love to read it. I really wanna hear success stories. I would be really grateful.


    Infertility is the major cause which is putting people in distress these days. One thing which helps most is that one remains optimistic. Because of science, there are opportunities. They are waiting to help us. We just need to look more broadly. Definitely, among them, surrogacy is the best. This procedure has helped many people.

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