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    If you truly need my advice then I will give you my honest opinion. Surrogacy is a very good option but you need to have a huge amount of money to afford it. You have to take care of the surrogate too. So you have to be very responsible in this case. I have also seen IPs abandoned their child just because he/she were not according to their expectation level. So this is wrong. If you are trusting and renting a womb of a surrogate,then it really doesn’t matter that whether the child skin color is black or white. Please stop doing discrimination on the basis of cast, color, and creed. I wish you the best of luck for that. Try to find a good clinic for your treatment. That’s very important during this journey. I wish you to become a mother soon. Take care

    Anika louis

    Hey. I hope you are doing fine. Well, Surrogacy is an amazing methodology. The success rate of Surrogacy is more than others. I faced infertility due to uterine polyps disease. I was not sufficiently strong to let it all out once more. I went for surrogacy and I picked that facility in Europe. I heard a lot of stories of overcoming successes about it. Presently I have a child. I am so blessed to have him. I hope it would help many people who are seeking guidance regarding Surrogacy and IVF


    Hello Amelia. I so agree with your post. It is very much true. Surrogacy is the best option. The success rate is also very high in this case. Surrogacy is a miracle. But while choosing these treatments we have to be very careful that we opt for best clinics. I made a mistake while choosing this clinic A****s. This was the biggest mistake. I was hoping for going through surrogacy from this clinic but I am glad I did not. I visited them, but there was no doctor available ever. I tried to call them many times for my treatment they did not respond. They took the money for the treatment on my third visit but did not start my treatment for 3 months. Now I am asking for the refund and they are not giving it back as well.


    Hello Ciera, I am good. I hope you are also doing good. This post is really good. Here is my story. I am also infertile. I am diagnosed with PCOS. I was trying to conceive for 4 years but got no result. I tried everything but could not be cured. Then a friend of mine suggested me of surrogacy. I searched for it and discussed with my husband. He also agreed with it. I came to know about a very good clinic. I emailed them. They responded to me so well and removed my doubts so well. I visited the clinic. They choose an appropriate surrogate for me. They have the database of all surrogate mothers. After appropriate agreement are reached between surrogate and me, they started the procedure. And after the nine months, she handed over the baby girl to me. They have given me the great happiness.


    Totally agree with you. Surrogacy is an amazing and successful process. Infertility is spreading like a disease but happy to know that treatments are successful and helping the infertile couples. Before opting for the treatment one should keep in mind about the clinic. The reputation of the clinic matters a lot and also the experience of the doctor. We just have not to lose hopes and handle the situation calmly. Better things are coming to us just waiting for the perfect moment. Best wishes to all going through this journey.


    Infertility’s a curse. I wish people didn’t have to go through it. Anyway, there are procedures like surrogacy for us now. That is such a blessing really. I think going for it is definitely a good idea. Also, try clinics in Europe for a better cost option.


    Hi! I’m glad that surrogacy proved to be successful for you. Yes, surrogacy is a blessing. It has helped many infertile people. Before opt of it, we should be really careful about the clinics and doctors plus make sure to visit the country in which it is legal. These things matter a lot. I wish all the best to everyone who is struggling against infertility.


    Fruitlessness is a revile. I wish individuals didn’t need to experience it. Anyway, there are techniques like surrogacy for us now. That is such a gift truly. I think making it work is certainly a smart thought. Additionally, attempt centers in Europe for a superior cost alternative.


    Amelia Char hi! Congratulations you have proved yourself, dear. I think that the success of a lady lies only upon the best clinic which she chooses. but if a lady will adopt lotus for it then she should never even think about her success. I can say that because I have to face the negligence of this clinic. to have a baby is the dream of every lady. But I am very sad that I have to lose this dream and I can’t even think about my hubby. to visit the lotus clinic is truly the wastage of your time. so, be awaked while visiting any clinic.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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