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    I don’t know what to say. I am a victim of some scammers. I am really so much broken right now. I heard that there is a good place. I should try that and all. When I tried. I got no response. I am talking about Adonis clinic. I really don’t understand. Why they did this to me. It’s really very bad. I am so much worried now. Please tell me someplace else to go. Please be aware of these scammers. Don’t try to take help from them.


    Oh God, How bad is it? I am so sorry for this condition. You should never go for them in the first place. You should take good care of yourself now. We all should. I can’t believe either. How could someone do that? Well, forget about it. There are other places as well. You can seek help from them. Don’t go there again.


    Emma hi! OMG, I am really surprised to hear about your experience. I don’t wanna comprehend that a professional clinic can do that. So painful story. but don’t lose hope. thank you very much, buddy, that you aware us from this clinic. Real and good friends are like you. Your efforts will also bear fruits. Don’t be panic.


    You should’ve contacted a good clinic. Surrogacy is very complicated method. Only professional clinics can handle such methods. We contacted a professional clinic for our surrogacy procedure. This is the story of our surrogacy journey. I was infertile due to hysterectomy cancer. I was cancer free after sometime but it resulted in my total infertility. My husband decided that we will go for surrogacy to have a child. here in Japan surrogacy is prohibited. So we moved to Ukraine for surrogacy. There we found a very good clinic which is best for its surrogacy. We started our surrogacy journey at that clinic. Clinic founded a good surrogate for us. Then we went through the whole process and everything was just perfect. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. We are so happy that we will finally have our baby with us.
    We will be flying to Ukraine once the clinic let us know the delivery date of our surrogate.


    Hi there, how are you? Hope you are doing well. So to hear about it dear. But we are in the same boat. i am also a victim of Adonis clinic. They are not humans. I am facing infertility from a long time. After getting courage for the surrogacy we decided to contact Adonis clinic. We are not from Ukraine. So we contacted them via mail and asked about the details. We sent them several emails but didn’t get a single reply. what kind of behavior is this? are they professionals. we are angry as well as disappointed. Never gonna recommend Adonis clinic to anyone. Beware of such clinics.


    This is so upsetting. I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with them. What a disappointment! I would suggest that you move forward. Surrogacy is a lengthy process and you shouldn’t waste time waiting for them to reply. I emailed a lot of fo clinics during my time as well. The one which replied efficiently and answered all the queries I got in contact with them. You should do the same.


    I hope you are fine. I know it is a tough decision for you to go for surrogacy. It will change your life or the better. I know you are going through a lot. This is a tough decision. You need to find a good clinic for this purpose. They will be very much helping in all these situations. I can understand you are afraid that you should not be afraid of it. I hope all your problems fade away. I will pray that you solve all your problems and become happy by having your own child.

    jennifer jonas

    Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. can totally feel you because TTC is a very difficult job. Infertility is becoming increasingly common but don’t lose hope. In the world of this modern medical era coming over issues like infertility is not a very difficult thing. I have taken quite the interest in procedures such as IUI, IVF, and surrogacy. They really are great. Although many are open to IVF, surrogacy still seems to be lagging a bit behind on appreciation. These methods exist for our easy and I think people shouldn’t shun them so quickly. I would suggest you study more about these and don’t lose hope! Prayers from my side


    You are right. I myself is victim of such scam clinic. Adonis clinic is showing very irresponsible behavior. No one should consult them ever again. Please guys let me know any other clinic of infertility so that I can consult a good doctor of them. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    Mrs Mcguill

    Sorry that you had to experience that clinic. Many people have negative things to say about them. I do not know why they still have clients. No one should go there. The clinic deserves that. I hope everyone gets to know about the clinic. I am glad we can talk about that on such forums.

    Joanne Silvia

    Hello, Emma. How are you? I hope you’re okay. I’m so sorry you had to experience this. You don’t deserve it, honey. You deserve much better! My prayers are with you. Don’t lose hope, okay? You’ll find a great clinic, I’m sure of it. These scammers have made it a joke. They are becoming really common. And, it’s up to us to stop them. The best option is doing what you did. Raising awareness! That way upcoming IPs will know that they are a scam. Good luck finding a clinic. You can do it!


    Dear, I am extremely grieved for you. I can exactly feel what you must be going through. Fertility is a hard phase of life. People with their depressed minds try to approach any clinic for help, considering it to be a good one. But they turn out to be the worst ones. Such clinics make such a hard phase of life even harder. Please don’t lose hope. There are many good clinics. Adonis is known for its bad reputation. Many people became their victims. They have extremely poor management. They are playing with the hearts of innocent people by not letting them know about the details. But from now onwards please make sure of the teeny tiny details of any place before going there.

    Alsa Markle

    Hello dear, I hope you are doing good. I can feel the pain. You are right. None gave them the right to fool us. You shouldn’t get sad. Life doesn’t end here. There are many good clinics. You can go there. Try to read the reviews first. As you know there are good and bad too. The world is full of both. You have to keep your eyes open to distinguish between them. I hope you get power to overcome all this. Try to stay positive. And stay around your loved ones. Best of luck dear.

    Sophia daisy

    Hey dear, I feel so sad after knowing about this. I am here for you. Feeling dumped is the worst feeling. But you have to come out of this trauma. Life won’t stop for you. You have to keep going. I hope you find a better one this time. All the best wishes to you.

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